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Halloween, just like other celebratory dates, is supposed to be full of fun and enjoyment for people in all age brackets, including the sexually active persons. Sexual wellness and happiness at this celebration should be available and affordable for everyone. For this reason, people who are looking to explore their sexuality by the use of sex toys would need a critical guideline to ensure that the suite of their choice the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, some of the options available are too pricey, too explicit, female degrading or impose other barriers caused by the taboo nature of the partners. Thus important to find toys that will not only awaken your senses but will also leave you feeling good about yourself.

Why you need sex toys this Halloween

  • Enjoy the thrill, intimacy with your partner no longer has to be boring this holiday, enjoy the adventure not only in your costumes but in the bedroom as well. 
  • Explore your fantasies, toys during the Halloween period is a great time to explore the wild fantasies. Halloween is a time to be freaky and spooky, and toys will be a great addition in the festivities and the bedroom too. 
  • Best prices in the market, buying toys this Halloween is a great opportunity as most toy stores offer discounts.

Now, are you ready to get your freak on this Halloween? Get toys that will please both you and your partner. To understand these toys better, join in as we go through some of the most suitable Halloween toys. These toys are not only great for experienced people but are also ideal for new users. 

1. Tantus Goddess 

Add this silicon, purple dildo to your collection this Halloween, the Tantus Goddess silicon is carefully crafted to ensure maximum sensation. This vibrating dildo will give you fluttering orgasms by hitting all the right places. The Goddess silicon is also easy to use, making it an ideal option for partners trying out toys in the bedroom. 

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2. Candy Nipple Tassels

Get a new sexual experience with your partner this Halloween with the Candy Nipple Tassels. Use the edible candy to tease your partner. The tassels measure around 5 inches long making them the perfect tool for a romantic Halloween. 

3. Tenga Flip Hole Black

Does the thought of darkness give you chills down your spine? Do you want to change that feeling to an ecstatic sensation? Then get the Tenga Flip Hole black this Halloween. This toy allows you to enjoy the thrill of darkness in a new and exciting way. The toy is made with soft real-feel material, giving you that realistic feel. It has a tighter and firm grip. In addition, it is durable and easy to clean.

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4. Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plug

Want to experience a mind-blowing experience, then this love shaped butt plug is for you. The Naughty Candy Heart Butt plug is soft, flexible, and a perfect option if you are looking to enjoy P-spot stimulation for the first time. The toy also has a vibrant color and a moderate size with a diameter of 4.5 inches. 

5. Rookie Penis Pump

This new Halloween pump up will have you and your partner enjoying a sexy private show while discovering those wild fantasies. The Rookie Penis Pump will help to increase the size of your member, in turn, increasing your stamina. 

6. Tantus Feeldoe Stout 

The Tantus Feeldoe Stout dildo is precisely and carefully crafted to give skin to skin feel leading to a breath-taking new experience. Additionally, the toy has adjustable strap-ons, and though flexible, it offers a firm feel and is also easier to clean. Besides, it is 100% silicone. 

7. Rabbit Dildo

Are you into role-playing? Then this 50 shades of grey greedy girl toy, maybe what you need this Halloween. This dildo has two powerful motors providing intense pleasure. Additionally, the toy is made from silicone, it is waterproof, and most importantly, it is travel-friendly.

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Must-have tips before you buy a toy

  • Get a lube: This applies to both experts and new users. A good lube prevents friction and helps you enjoy the experience.
  • Find out whether the toy is body-safe: Before buying a sex toy, read the label. Safe sex toy materials are non-porous silicon or even glass. However, before making a purchase find out more about the company and its credibility in the market. 
  • Find out what excites you: The sex toy world is limitless, from G-spot pleasures to suction vibrators. Before making a purchase, listen to your body and go for a toy that excites you. However, if you are finding it hard to find out what excites you, do not be afraid to explore the different options. 

Additionally, find out which shape you are looking for, if you are looking for intense sensitization, then consider a toy that performs in various ways. 

  • Chose an easy to clean toy: Hygiene is of utmost importance; thus, an essential factor to consider when buying a toy.
  • Find out more about the store: Does the store have a judgment-free policy, friendly staff members, or a variety of products at favorable prices. As you embark on this sexual discovery journey, you need to feel comfortable. A great way to achieve this is through a thorough background check on the store. 

Sexual exploration is a beautiful journey and an ever learning process. Thus essential to feel good about your sexuality. Toys are not only a great way to fulfill those wild fantasies but also are a great way to spice up things with your partner. 

However, if you are new at this, it is essential to go slowly and find out what works for you. Also, it is vital to discuss with your partner and remember that it is reasonable to explore your sexuality. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking to enjoy a discounted sale this Halloween, then Ella Paradis is the place to go. Right now they offer up to 40% on select items, ensuring you get your sexy back. Enjoy a freaky, safe, yet cost-effective sex experience with your partner and a kind shopping experience. Ella Paradis also offers free shipping, has return policies, friendly customer care service, and, most importantly, delivers the products on time. 

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