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fun factory ocean vibrator

Sun’s out, buns out!

Summer is finally here, and along with the season change, comes all of the outdoor activities you’ve been looking forward to all year. Whether you’re into hiking, barbecuing or simply chilling by the pool or beach-side while catching a few rays, there is no limit to the lively entertainment you can enjoy with close family and friends. But after a long day of tanning and sweating, a bit of unwinding is in order. Carving out a few minutes (or hours) in the bedroom with your lover or, even better, with yourself, may just be the break you need.

Fortunately for us, self-love doesn’t have a season. No matter the time of day or the weather outside, giving yourself a moment to indulge and delight yourself can go a long way. Aside from getting to know your body on a deeper level, self-exploration can become the key to unlocking your unique desires as well as open up new avenues for you to explore with your partner.

Sex toys for women can also intensify your exploration time. With their various speeds and vibration patterns, toys compliment your discovery time, giving you the chance to reach your climax again and again. The problem can arise when picking out a toy that specifically fits your needs. It can even be an intimidating and overwhelming process, especially if this is your first time experimenting. Luckily, we’ve done our homework for you, taking the pain out of searching for a sex toy and found one that is versatile, playful, and summer-inspired. Bring the ocean (and the splash) into the bedroom with the Fun Factory Ocean Vibe, a simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral vibrator with curled, wavy tips that can put the ocean to shame.

Fun Factory pumps up the pleasure by consistently delivering aesthetically trendy and high-tech products for all of your sensual needs. Winning countless awards worldwide for their diverse selection, Fun Factory’s body-safe silicone erotic toys are just the right accessory for any adventure you may find yourself partaking in.


Known for its velvety silicone waves, the Fun Factory Ocean Vibe targets and pleasures the G-spot while also serving as a clitoral vibrator. Because of its simple design and intuitive touchpad, the toy is perfect for beginners that want a snug pulsating fit without the hassle. Discreet and battery operated, the curlicue tip massages and stimulates the clitoris while also giving intense internal pleasure when inserted vaginally, doubling the satisfaction and the fun. Its comfortable, curved waves can also be used to stimulate other erogenous zones like the nipples and penis, allowing you to make a big splash in the bedroom with your lover. This dual vibrator is equipped with 8 speeds and 3 pulse patterns, and its powerful, long-lasting motor will make sure the waves of bliss keep on rolling. The aquatic-inspired toy also has a wide base, making it an excellent toy for anal play. Don’t forget to take it with you for some underwater action as its 100% waterproof shell ensures its durability in any environment. Whatever you’re in the mood for, the Ocean Vibe makes a great companion in the bedroom, its versatile, ergonomic design fitting to your every need.

Start your summer off right with our free giveaway of the Fun Factory Ocean Vibe! It’s whimsical, yet simple design makes it a fantastic fit for those who love the variety and simultaneous stimulation. Enjoyed with a partner or for solo play, the Ocean Vibe will make a great addition to your sensual collection, delivering the perfect wave of enjoyment, every time.

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