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Full Moon Rituals

Enhance your sexual health and happiness by harnessing the power of the full moon. Timing your pleasure with the moon’s phases allows you to align with powerful natural forces. Try these tips below to optimize your sexual health and to use your full moon climax to manifest desires with greater ease. 

1) Time Your Climax with the Moon’s 

Whether you are aware of it or not, the moon exerts a powerful influence on you at all times. Just as the moon tugs at the ocean, causing its high and low tides, it also affects our bodies. In fact, gynecologist Christiane Northrup has cited studies showing that women’s menstrual cycles will synchronize with the waxing and waning of moonlight. Also, more babies are born during full moons than at any other time of the month.

Why are humans so affected by the moon? According to NASA, it has to do with the composition of our bodies, which are 70% water, the same water percentage as the earth. Gravitational forces from the sun and moon are strongest at the new moon and full moon, and although we don’t entirely understand how, it’s clear that these forces have a real affect on our bodies. 

You can tap into these powerful lunar rhythms by timing your sexual climax with the full moon. Start by becoming mindful of the moon’s phases. There are many moon apps available. Find out the time and date of the next full moon and note it in your calendar. You don’t have to abstain from climax in the days before (although you may find that if you do the orgasm is even stronger!), but simply remind yourself to carve out time for a climax on the day of the full moon.

2) Tap into the Power of Toys 

The full moon offers a powerful opportunity to get to know yourself and your lover on a more intimate level. Many traditions believe that this period of full illumination of the moon’s surface is also a time when new things come to light.

While sex toys have been around for millennia, today’s toys employ state-of-the-art technology to stimulate your body’s arousal mechanisms and take your climax to new heights. Exploring your desires and bodily bliss should be an empowering experience—not a trip to a seedy store. Thankfully, we are living in a world where state-of-the-art sex toys can be researched online and discreetly shipped to your door. The best shops are forward-thinking brands focused on sexual wellness and education

Whether you are new to sex toys or have been enjoying them for a while, you can become acquainted with the latest offerings by reading online guides and reviews. Women and partners seeking to please women can start by reading up on the vast array of vibrators available today. Kegel training with weighted balls can also be a fun way to prepare for the full moon; in just a couple weeks the vaginal muscles can be strengthened which enhances vaginal orgasm and contractions. Next steps might include butt plugs and, for men, cock rings or vibrating prostate massagersBondage can also increase a sense of suspense, thereby intensifying your orgasm and encouraging the healthy feeling of release that accompanies full moons. 

If you have been contemplating using toys to spark up your love life, the full moon is an ideal time to experiment as it favors culmination and exposure. Exploring the new sensations offered by toys can be a fun way to discover your sexual selves on a more intimate level. 

Even if your partner is away or out of town you can have fun brining each other to climax using one of the long distance vibrators which allow you to control sensations using an app. Also, remember that full moons—or sex toys for that matter—are not just for couples. By using sex toys to bring yourself to climax at the full moon, you can still align with natural forces and enhance your overall wellness through the many health benefits of orgasm

3) Cast a Spell with Your Body and the Moon  

Many traditions – from astrology to agriculture—have thought of the full moon as a time for harvest. This is true metaphorically as well as physically; our desires and wishes often materialize around the full moon. Think about it: have you ever received unexpected news  – a phone call from a friend, a check in the mail, or news about a promotion – and then looked up to see a glorious, shining full moon in the sky? 

Using the natural rhythms of the moon and the sexual energies of your body to give more momentum to your desires is an ancient practice called sex magic. Start by setting an intention at the new moon. As the next two weeks go by, allow yourself to daydream about the desired outcome. Do this without getting too attached to any specific outcome. Instead, just feel the pleasure of visualizing your ideal scene. Each time you look up in the sky and see the moon waxing, know that your desire is also gaining energy and light. 

Then, at the full moon, while you are climbing toward climax, hold the vision of your desired outcome in your mind. As you feel the orgasmic energy course through your body, imagine that you are receiving the same cosmic energy that materializes desires and creates our physical world. Then, let your intention go. Entrust it to forces greater than you, and give yourself space to enjoy the moments following your climax. Full moon’s are about releases.

4) Use Mantras & Music 

When casting a full moon spell with your sexual energy, you may also wish to repeat your desired intention verbally. You can do this with a phrase or a word that to you symbolizes the fulfillment of your wish. You can say it aloud or repeat it silently to yourself.

If you want, you can follow your mantra and your climax with a phrase like, “This or something better now unfolds in totally harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned.” This way you can be sure that your desire manifests in a beneficial way for everyone. By reassuring your subconscious mind that the intention is good, you win it over and earn its support in bringing about your goal. 

Music – especially drums – can also help build a sense of climax. If you are feeling playful you can even try one of the newfangled vibrators that vibrates to the music around you.

5) Scent Your Bedroom and Your Body

Full moon sexual rituals are most effective when we allow ourselves to be fully present. One of the best ways to bring your mind into the present moment is to engage your senses with what is immediately around you. Ancient religions often exploited this power by using incense to scent the air and draw us into deeper awareness during ceremonies. 

What’s more, because the olfactory lobe of the brain is located right next to the limbic system (the seat of our memories and desires), we can also use scent to delve into these subconscious associations and feelings. In addition to using incense or scented candles to scent your bedroom, you can tantalize yourself and any full moon lovers by using fragrant massage oils. Burning scents with deep base notes like frankincense or sandalwood, allows you to delve into the deep, emotional energies stirred up by the full moon and take your climax, your well-being, and your manifesting to new heights. 

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