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Has your sex routine become—well, more of a routine than a fun escape you look forward to? It’s completely normal in long-term relationships for this to happen. In fact, most couples expect it to, so they tend to not make any effort to change up things, or seek out better pleasure.

Better pleasure doesn’t mean looking elsewhere. It means learning how to become a better lover. Less predictable, more fun, more play. If you are looking for ways to bring back the art of seduction into your relationship, it’s time to move on—to thrusting vibrators!

What Thrusting Vibrators Do:

The way they work is that they are designed to retract and expand automatically, when charged. This makes penetration easy. Use them to stimulate anally or vaginally, use them as vibrators on other body parts, and then surprise your partner with more powerful penetration than they have ever experienced before.

With the rabbit designs, an extra shaft provides external stimulation on the clitoris while the main thruster is at work. This makes every lover a good multi-tasker! They come in a variety of shapes, shaft length and sizes.

Find out what is comfortable for you, and what your bodies respond best to. For some fun ideas on how to use them, and which ones to try, check out our top five below:

Ideas for Using Thrusting Vibrators

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1.   Tease with Ella’s First Thruster Rabbit

Ok, so you can’t necessarily break out your thruster right there in the restaurant. But you can seduce by suggesting that once you get back home, there will be a surprise waiting. Prolonging the process leading up to satisfaction is one of the best ways to make your partner crave you. If you are out, tease them with the idea of trying a new toy, once you get back to bed.

This thrusting rabbit vibrator has six different vibration modes and six rotation settings, is battery operated, has 12 vibe patterns and is waterproof. As long as you’ve remembered to charge the batteries, it won’t let you down.



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2.      Pack a Rabbit Vibrator for that Surprise Getaway

Whether it’s a one-night AirBnB escape, or a week-long holiday in a luxury hotel, don’t leave home without proper tools for seduction! You probably spend a lot of time planning out-of-town trips, booking flights, securing great deals. But how much effort do you put into planning the details of your evenings?

The Rabbit Jack Rabbit Petite Thrusting by California Exotic Novelties will surprise and pleasure your lover. Four patterns of synchronous rotating and thrusting action, 3 solid rows of rotating beads, easy push controls, and 11.5 inches of power. Just imagine how far on the brink of pleasure this one will take you!



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3.     Get Back in the Mood with ­­­­­­ Happy Rabbit Elite Pink Thrusting Realistic Vibrator

Has it been awhile since you felt desired? Now is the time to change that. Dress up in sexy lingerie, and prepare yourself even before the seduction of your partner begins. Remember, a healthy sex life starts in the mind, shows itself in the body (staying fit, looking good), and then manifests in the ways we treat others and live quality lives.

An important thing is to completely know your body, so that you can use it to better pleasure others. The Happy Rabbit Elite Pink Thrusting Realistic Vibrator comes with Inbuilt thrusting technology and delivers real-feel stimulation for incredibly lifelike pleasure. With a powerful motor, plus 9 intense speeds charging through its ears, you won’t want to play without it. And did we mention the travel lock? You bet.



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4.      Use CalExotic’s My First Jack Rabbit to Test Your Bodies

There is one thing that can’t be stressed enough: Every body is different and so is each thrusting vibrator. Depending on your needs, points of pleasure, and limits, you will need to try a few different ones before deciding. A good starter is the ravishing CalExotic’s My First Jack Rabbit. It’s not just for experts; beginners in the art of seduction will appreciate its controls and angles.

This thruster vibrator comes with two independent vibration functions and a 2 directional rotating shaft. Rest assured that it is both waterproof and hypoallergenic.



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5.      Pretend To Pick Up A Stranger with ­­­­­­­ the Ella’s First Thrusting Rabbit Vibe

Do you still remember meeting each other for the first time? Your first kiss? Your first moment of trust? Your first game together? If you have lost some of the novelty in your relationship, it’s not too late to get it back.

One evening, pretend you are both complete strangers, meeting for the first time. Introduce your toy, and challenge them to meet you to try it out. Get ready for better love, and endless pleasure with the Alyssa Thrusting Rabbit vibrator. Stimulate so many spots on your body, and feel the six different vibration modes and six rotation settings.

With thrusting vibrators, you barely need to lift a finger. They take the “chore” out of a normal sex routine, and give your bodies perfect stimulation and thrust. Have a look at the Ella Paradis favorites, and try them for yourself–experience better love sessions today!

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