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Are you a lousy gifter?

You’re not alone – it happens to the best of us. Romantic gifts are some of the most sensual and heartwarming gestures you can offer your partner. But if you have no idea where to begin, the token of affection can become one full of anxiety and indecision. Should you buy a sex toy or lingerie? How about fuzzy handcuffs or a mysterious mask? The choices are endless and sometimes, overbearing. When it comes to sex, everyone’s tastes and preferences are unique, turning intimate gift giving into a nightmare. Instead of losing sleep and a few strands of hair, consider a pleasure box that satisfies multiple needs in one go. Whether you’re on the hunt for sexy gifts for her, eager to expand your couples play or satisfy your own needs, a sex toy kit allows you to purchase an unforgettable experience that’ll fulfill your lover’s desires every time.

What’s so special about a sex toy kit?

Curated for specific adventures, sex toy kits replace the stress of gift giving with unbounded pleasure and delight. Their increase in popularity has given more couples and individuals chances to expand their sexual horizons, uncovering exciting ways to get their juices flowing. Packed with best selling vibrators and erotic accessories, the Ur Pleasure gift boxes allow you to spoil yourself or your lover to a memorable night without running up the bill. Instead of splurging and buying multiple items individually, pleasure boxes combine the best of all worlds into one collection and at half the price, making it an affordable option. Whether you use one item or use everything at once, each box has products that work in tandem to heighten your experience and leave you entirely content. Now the only question left to answer is: what kind of adventure are you interested in?


Her Adventure: Unwind and Entice the Senses

Take the guesswork out of intimate gift sharing and give her what she really wants: a relaxing experience that soothes her tension and indulges her deepest fantasies. Brimming with powerful multi-stimulating vibrators and fragrant accessories, the Ur Pleasure Gift Box – Her has everything she desires and can be customized depending on her comfort level. Used alone or with a partner, this velvety collection box caters to all of her whims, from calming bathwater melts to tease-worthy lingerie.

We-Vibe Tango Mini Bullet Vibrator
We-Vibe Tango

Start off with the rumbly We-Vibe Tango, a powerful vibrator with 8 different vibration patterns and single button control. Or, if you want to take things slow, set the mood with a body massage oil elixir that burns down into a warming oil to smooth out her kinks. Pair your physical exploration with curve-accentuating lingerie that is sure to awaken the lust in your partner and make her the master of intrigue. Upgrade your passion with the Hers Deluxe collection, featuring more seducing goodies like a slip-on finger massager designed to tantalize each sweet spot with pointed concentration. No matter what journey you take on, the sleek fragrance-free Wicked lubricant will make sure the ride is smooth and enjoyable.


His Adventure: Explore New Toe-Curling Territory

Discover his untapped erogenous zones with delectable treats that will keep him moaning with ecstasy long after he’s unwrapped his gift. The Ur Pleasure Box – Him is sensual with the right touch of naughty, raising his blood pressure in just the right areas. Pairing silicone sleeves with tingly C-rings, your man’s wishes are sure to be answered with this curated pleasure box. Warm up his temperature with the Oh La La Cheri Tickler, a feather wand that can be used all over the body to tease out his inhibitions. Once aroused, you can stimulate his prostate with the Sono Butt Plug, a flexible and snug-fitting silicone toy that bends with his body movements. Comfortable to grip and guide, this sex toy is an excellent introduction to anal play and can even be used in conjunction with the textured male masturbator sleeve for a layered sensation. Excellent for solo time or couples play, this pleasure box for him also features colorful c-rings for longer lasting satisfaction during intercourse. Top off his play with the kissable, lickable Wicked lube, and you’ve got a party no one will ever want to leave.


Your Adventure: Double up and Share the Sensations

Two is better than one, especially when your lover is involved. Boost the excitement with the Ur Pleasure – Couples Edition, a  sensuous assortment featuring some of the best sex toys for couples and sultry accessories that will ignite the intimacy between the two of you. Brimming with surprises, this box contains a highly reviewed couples vibrator known as the We-Vibe Sync.

we vibe sync
We-Vibe Sync

Built to arouse the clitoris, G-spot, and penis, this toy can be used internally and externally making it an easy addition to any position you find yourself in. Put your sexual future in the hands of the tantalizing tarot cards, each card detailing sexual positions and satisfying outcomes. Or, roleplay with your partner using the feather wand and lacy lingerie. If you’re feeling extra frisky, kick up the pleasure with the Couples Premium to add in a masquerade mask and the We-Vibe Tango, another crowd favorite.

Next time you’re stuck trying to decide on a gift for your special someone, remember these collections. Designed to inspire meaningful and long-lasting adventures, these Ur Pleasure sets are a surefire hit to get the heat rising and win you major points in and out of the bedroom.

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