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Racism and intolerance are problems prevalent in all societies. But each and every day all of us have the opportunity and right to stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes. We here at Ella Paradis are saddened and disheartened by recent events targeting the black community. We believe in a world where everyone is loved for their unique difference and treated as equals. Ella Paradis stands with the Black Community and we have decided to focus our energy in a positive position that supports a time for change. We believe this time is for reflection, unity, change, and above all LOVE. The injustice that continues to happen in our country is wrong. Our primary mission is to stay encouraged by love and support. Before, and always, we stand side by side with our black community. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of petitions that you can sign to help end racism. We all have a part to play in this and it’s important to have your voice be heard. Here are 7 organizations with a number of petitions and ways you can help:


NAACP Petition We are Done Dying

About the NAACP: Founded in 1909 in response to the ongoing violence against Black people around the country, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is the largest and most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation. They have over 2,200 units and branches across the nation, along with well over 2M activists. Their mission is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

The most recent NAACP’s “We Are Done Dying” campaign offers opportunities to sign petition(s), to take action through policy demands, and more. This campaign is dedicated to exposing the inequities embedded into the American healthcare system and the country at large. From COVID-19 to running while Black in America, the abuse faced by people of color, particularly African Americans is devastating. The campaign is a Call-to-Action and highlights the NAACP’s policy interests and supported legislation for African Americans and people of color, a large demographic that is often left out of recovery effort conversations. “With crumbling economic infrastructure, our community members face tough choices as access to food, good jobs, and a quality education slips further away,” said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP. “These issues are compounded by the lack of strong leadership from the White House. In the absence of adequate guidance, Black lives are adversely affected. We will no longer stand idle as our people suffer discrimination, marginalization, and are offered as disposable for poor decisions by this Administration.”  – Derrick Johnson, President and CEO, NACCP

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter Movement has taken the world by storm with the outpour of people uprising to join in the pursuit for justice. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” was born in a Facebook post by Alicia Garza in response to the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot Martin. The movement emerged as a reaction to the perceived violence and systemic racism by police toward African-American communities. Since then we have seen great strides in their efforts for equality and justice. The Black Lives Matter campaign is currently seeking signatures on their petition demanding racial data on Coronavirus. On their official website they state: “At the current rate, the United States is at risk of experiencing not only a deadly healthcare crisis but one that has the potential to result in massive social, economic, and political upheaval as systems reach crisis points and begin to fracture. We can prevent such devastation, if we act now.” – BlackLivesMatter.com

Justice For Breonna Taylor

The Breonna Taylor story is one that truly breaks our heart. Breonna was an award-winning EMT and model citizen. She loved her family and community, working at two hospitals as an essential worker during the pandemic. Nearly four months ago, a division of the Louisville Police Department performed an illegal, unannounced drug raid on her home. Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times, killing her. Neither the Louisville Metro Police nor Mayor Greg Fischer have given her mother any answers. Not only were the police at the WRONG HOUSE, but the man they were looking for had already been arrested earlier that day. The entire story is truly tragic. Taylor’s mother, stated in an interview. “Not one person has talked to me. Not one person has explained anything to me…I want justice for her. I want them to say her name. There’s no reason Breonna should be dead at all.” – Tamika Palmer

You can take action and help support Breonna Taylor’s story by signing the petition on change.org demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor.

Justice For Robert Fuller

Justice for Robert Fuller

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020 around 4 am, Robert Fuller, a 24 year old black man, was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California at Poncitlán Square. Shockingly, his death is getting little to no news coverage by local news, and city officials have presumably ruled his death a suicide and linked his death to the COVID-19 pandemic without proof. During such a heightened time with the Black Lives Matter movement and the city’s quickness to call his death a suicide before any investigation, there is reason to believe that Robert’s death was a lynching. Palmdale and the Antelope Valley as a whole have a history of racism and negligence. This is the same town where 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez was murdered. The city’s law enforcement and social workers failed to intervene to save his life. You can support this cause by

You can take action and help support Robert Fuller’s story by signing the petition on change.org demanding Justice for Robert Fuller.

Justice For George Floyd

Petition for George Floyd

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, was murdered in broad daylight by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. This happen during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. The following day video footage surfaced from many witnesses and security camera showing disturbing footage of  Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down. During this time, begging for his life and repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe”. Officers J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane further restrained Floyd, while officer Tou Thao prevented bystanders from intervening. During the final three minutes, Floyd was motionless and had no pulse while Chauvin ignored onlookers’ please to remove his knee, which he did not do until medics told him to.This is one story that took the internet by storm from the video footage that went viral. George Floyd was described as a peace activist and respected community leader. He was far from his home in Houston when he was taken from this world.

You can take action and help support George Floyd’s story by signing the petition on change.org demanding Justice for George Floyd

National Action Against Police Brutality

National Action Against Police Brutality
The National Action Against Police Brutality was created in response to the epidemic of police brutality and murder across the United States. This organization is dedicated to prosecuting police who murder unarmed individuals. This will shine a light on unsolved or unanswered cases and putting a stop to this injustice. “As one is being investigated “hundreds more” are mounting up! And indeed police brutality and murder has escalated to the level of national proportions…” – National Action Against Police Brutality

You can take action and help support this Organization by signing the petition and donating $5 at National Action Against Police Brutality

The Hands Up Act

Created by Travis Washington, a graduate student at SIU, is attempting to push for a piece of legislation that would make it illegal for police officers to shoot someone if the person is found without a weapon. The ‘Hands Up Act” was an idea he created to prevent police officers from shooting unarmed citizens. Time after time, “We’ve seen all over the country, where citizens have been shot unarmed without any guns in their hands, such as Terence Crutcher, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. After they were shot unarmed, these officers have never served any prison sentences.” – Travis Washington. This would mean there’s finally some type of justice, and they’re going to slowly start feeling safe because now people in power can no longer abuse their authority. They now have to suffer the consequences. To help support this cause visit Hands Up Act. 

These are just a small portion of the petitions available to sign. With that in mind, there are SO many more available, that can most certainly be found by searching online.  We are dedicated to doing our part to end racism at Ella Paradis.  This is a small way that we can do our part and we encourage you to do that same. Let’s work together to end racism. Stay sexy, friends.


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