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2018 was quite the pleasurable year! From VR and smart toys to everyone’s favorite rabbit vibrator; we curated this year’s fan favorites in adult sex toys for women, men and couples. So if you’re looking to ring in the new year with an orgasm, we’ve absolutely got you covered. Explore something new or get reacquainted with one of 2018’s best sex toys below. Either way – do something for yourself, your health, and your overall wellness.  

For Her

Womanizer Premium
Womanizer, the orgasm experts, really outdid themselves this year with the Womanizer Premium. With their infamous, patented Pleasure Air Technology®, most women orgasm in 60 seconds or less! Yes, you read that right. The Womanizer Premium can achieve the 1-minute orgasm.  (Tester verified). This new Premium model is super soft to the touch, includes revolutionary new functions like Autopilot and Smart Science, and like most of their products, is 100% Waterproof! They’re not kidding when they say you can retire your shower head! Oh my! Plus, autopilot is an entirely new experience each time.  Literally. It takes the varying 12 intensity levels and employs an algorithm that won’t repeat itself. Each time, will feel like a new experience. We’re not really sure what everyone is waiting for. This toy belongs in everyone’s nightstand. Just saying.

Zumio Caress
You might mistake it for an electric toothbrush but trust us, it’s so much better! Clit stimulators are game changers in every woman’s world and the Zumio Caress had to make our list. Its unique spiro-tip rotates in a circular motion to stimulate the clitoris and take your orgasms to all new heights. With up to 11 different intensity levels, it will surely take you for a spin! This toy doesn’t discriminate either – you can also use it as a nice mini massager for any other sensitive, sensual body part or stimulate orgasmic, nipple play like you never imagined.

Le Wand Petite 
For the traditionalist, the Le Wand Petite wand massager is the perfect adult toy. It’s discreet, great for travel, has 10 intensity levels with up to 6 vibration patterns, and will hit your sweet spot every time! Indulge and explore your erogenous zones with this “magical” wand. It truly works wonders!  It’s small in size, but huge in power! With the help of a travel lock and case, you can take it anywhere. Think of it as your new travel companion and make all your trips more exciting.

Satifyer Pro 2: Next Generation Clitoral Vibrator
A huge fan favorite, the Satisyfer Pro 2 is perfect for the budget conscious at just under $50. Satisfyer has made a powerful version of touch-free clit stimulation at an unquestionable value. Because at the end of the day, it absolutely gets the job done. It has 11 intensity levels, is also shower friendly – and waiting to become your new best friend.

Happy Rabbit Classic Pink G-Spot Vibrator
We all know the story of how rabbit vibrators came to fame from HBO show Sex and the City. This Happy Rabbit vibrator is eager to please just as much as Charlotte’s; you’ll want to hop on right on it! The Happy Rabbit has a powerful motor with three speeds that excite its ears as much as it will excite you. Let this Happy Rabbit take you down a pleasurable path for extra stimulation. The bulbous tip helps target your g-spot while the ears targets your clitoris. You’re getting the best of both orgasmic worlds with dual stimulation.

For Him

SenseMax Ecosystem VR Pleasure Headset & SenseBand
Guys, are you ready to take pleasure to the next level? VR continues to be a hot and trending topic and this is the best tech toy yet. Immerse yourself in an interactive, sexual experience with SenseMax. The SenseBand is equipped with motion-sensing technology that detects your stroking speed. Meanwhile, with the help of bluetooth, the app syncs your stroking with the on-screen action for the ultimate fantasy. Watch and be in control of various intimate scenarios while masturbating. Want to be part of the mile high club? You got it. This is more than just an average handjob. Complete your VR experience with the SenseMax SENSETUBE, a male masturbator that is app compatible with the Pleasure Headset.  

Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator
Sleek and discreetly designed, the Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator is THE masturbator of the year. If Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi showcases this male stimulator, you know it’s a good one! The two powerful motors help recreate the experience of oral sex. What could be better than that? Explore the 14 different vibration programs and hit climax every time. Your member will thank you later.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo
This multi award-winning male stimulator is a must-have. What makes the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo unique is that it can be used when flaccid or erect!  It aims to please any penis owner. It turns foreplay into the main event and makes it fun with a remote control that can be used with your partner. Want a quickie? Go from 0 to 100 real quick with the Turbo function. Hot Octopuss knows what makes men tick and the Pulse Duo III will do so much more than that. Try it and revisit what pleasure means to you!

We-Vibe Verge C-Ring  
This is not your average C-Ring. The We-Vibe Verge helps you experience more intense orgasms while lasting longer in the bedroom. It’s great for solo play or with a partner! There are multiple ways you can wear it that can stimulate perineum and other erogenous zones. Indulge in ten vibration modes and get off the right way. Did we mention it’s also app compatible with the We-Connect app? Oh yes, this is one smart c-ring. Customize vibration patterns with the app and find your happy place. With the help of the We-Connect app, you can take pleasure wherever your heart desires. Well, as long as you have a strong wi-fi connection.    

Hydromax 7 Hydropump 
This penis pump, the Hydromax 7 Hydropump packs more than a punch. Or shall I say, pump! The Hydromax penis pump generates 35% more suction force than a regular pump. When penis size matters, the Hydromax 7 is the ultimate, end-all tool for penis enhancement.  I highly recommend you research Hydromax Penis Pump videos on YouTube or on our site for a more informed visual.  Aside from the literal feature of the pump, it can also improve your sexual health and help you last longer.  It’s a win-win.

For Couples

Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator 
Founded by smart women who made it their mission to make phenomenal sex toys, the Eva II by Dame Products naturally comes out on top of our list. Their Eva II sex toy allows you to have the best of both worlds, clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.  Who-what?! It’s hands free so you can stay in the moment with your partner, the flexible wings helps it fit like a glove for anyone with a labia majora. This may be classified as a couples toy but this is fair game for solo play as well! Take it with you on your self-love journey.   

We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator
Known as the #1 Couples Vibrator, the We-Vibe Sync is both pleasurable for you and your partner! This couple’s toy is a dual action stimulator, targeting both your g-spot and clitoris. Its adjustable fit is customizable to your unique shape. The best part? It’s app compatible with the We-Connect app! While your partner is away, they can still please you with the We-Connect app. Create new vibration rhythms, sync it to the beats of music, the options you have are endless. Get creative and come together.

Liberator Wedge  
Aimed to please, Liberator’s intimate furniture knows all of your angles and how to hit the spot just right. It prevents you from sinking in to the bed allowing you to completely immerse yourself in an intimate experience with your partner. The Liberator Wedge enhances various sex positions, making it more fun to try something new or make your tried and true sex positions that much better. The Liberator Wedge is both aesthetically pleasing and quite functional when things get hot and heavy; more than what the standard pillow can accomplish.  Your bedroom called .. it’s in need of an upgrade.

Svakom Elva Vibrating Bullet 
Date night just got better with this little vibrating bullet. Don’t be fooled, this little thing packs a punch. Between the 5 vibration modes and 5 intensity levels, you will drive your partner wild if you’re in control of the remote. Wear it out while you’re going out to dinner or keep in the bedroom. You can go all 50 Shades of Grey with this bullet vibrator. Don’t worry, its motor is pretty quiet so no one will even know you have it! Although, we can’t guarantee it will keep you quiet.

b-Vibe Rimming Plug

Looking to explore the back door? The butt stuff experts at b-Vibe have just the thing! The Rimming Plug is this year’s hottest butt plug. The rotating beads inside the toy drive a rimming sensation and a powerful tip vibration for optimal stimulation. Use the remote to keep it exciting and enjoy the good vibrations. Use it with your partner or just keep it all for yourself, it’s great for any type of booty-action scenario. Be sure to lube it up with your favorite water based lubricant!

We’re excited to see what new and trending adult toys will be in store for us in 2019! Your intimate lifestyle is important. Make it your resolution to live your best life and Make Better Love.  

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