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Digital Innovation Sets Unique Online Boutique Apart from Competitors in the Adult and Sexual Wellness Sector

Tino Dietrich, CEO of intimate online boutique Ella Paradis, has been named as one of the Top 50 Tech Visionaries by the organizers of the inaugural InterCon, held in Las Vegas June 18-20, 2018. Ella Paradis is a unique brand that stands out among its competitors in the adult industry exactly because of its focus on innovation and digitization.

The adult industry has lagged behind other industries in terms of growth and innovation, for multiple reasons. Certain cultural taboos, as well as stalling revenue due to the widespread availability of free content online, has hindered the exploration and development of new technologies and processes throughout the industry.

However, companies like Ella Paradis, led by tech and branding visionaries like Mr. Dietrich, are emerging from the pack by adopting an accessible, customer-centric approach to ecommerce and a seamless shopping experience leveraging digital technologies. The Ella Paradis site is designed as a welcoming and educational experience, breaking down taboos and offering informational content. As a seasoned ecommerce expert, Mr. Dietrich also revamped the outdated supply chain of the adult industry to ensure Ella Paradis’ customers could enjoy a wide selection of products, a simple transaction process and prompt, discreet shipping and returns.

“I am very gratified by the honor, and excited for the opportunity to bring the adult lifestyle sector into mainstream conversations around technology and innovation,” said Mr. Dietrich. “Ella Paradis was designed to promote sexual health and happiness for everyone, and it is important for us to be a company that responds to modern consumer needs the way any lifestyle brand should. We will continue to prize innovation and customer needs, and I hope I can continue to bring the ‘tech visionary’ spirit to our future endeavors.”

InterCon is a new event that aims to bring together some of the leading minds in the tech space on a common platform and help drive the new global economy by sharing ideas, innovation and things that shape the future of technology.

The Top 50 Tech Visionaries honor was bestowed upon those participants who show great insight and excellence in various areas of the Internet industry. Mr. Dietrich says it was a great honor to be recognized as a trailblazer in technology and digitalization. He says he will never stop working to create a world filled with healthy and happy sexuality.

About Ella Paradis 
Ella Paradis is on a mission to bring pleasure to everyone with premium, quality service and products. At Ella Paradis ®, we want to empower you to take control of your sex lives by making sexual wellness available and affordable for all. We are working to empower men and women to embrace their sexuality, without feeling shamed or degraded. Ella Paradis is making the experience of pleasure affordable and accessible for everyone, while simultaneously breaking with the stigma that surrounds your sexuality.

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