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Sexual Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, and the word on everyone’s lips will be freedom. As with other things in life, Sexual Liberation is a fundamental human right. But how are you practicing it? How sexually liberated are you? More importantly, what does this term mean to you?

It’s a good day to ask ourselves thoughtful, meaningful questions. Having these types of conversations with ourselves before starting them with a partner will give you a solid basis of your own beliefs on the matter.

What does “Sexual Liberation” really mean? Is it just about having sex with whomever and however you want? On our National Independence Day, it’s a great chance to find out what it can mean for you personally.

If we were to examine the topic more clearly, our sexual rights are about a few foundation concepts:

·      the right to expression

·      the right to sexual pleasure

·      the right to converse candidly about sex, in the proper context

·      the right to have the kind of sex we want in private

Remember, when you feel free to express yourself lovingly with your partner, sex becomes not just a boring routine, but a playground for the imagination. And, given the right toys, that playground can be whatever you want it to be!

What Sexual Liberation does not mean, however, is the right to enforce our own ideas about sex and relationships onto others. It does not ever mean coercing another human being to have sex the way you want, just because you consider yourself “open-minded”.

As with all things in life, a person’s sexual identity is discovered and developed over time. Some folks take greater risks easier; others need time to explore, experiment, and discover sexual preferences.

Still others enjoy having a wide range of sex toys at their disposal, and need more props to enjoy a truly satisfying, stimulating session. In this article, let’s explore the topic of sexual freedom and independence further.

How to Really Claim your Sexual Liberation this Independence Day 

Maybe, for you, sexual independence is about being okay trying self-stimulation or achieving orgasms on your own, with the help of toys. It could be, about seeking professional help and counsel, to bring you to that state of liberation in your mindsets and sexual views.

If you have been longing to break out of your sexual rigidity, frigidity, and feel freer to experience a healthy sexual life, there’s no better time than today to start. Here are five ways to put this into practice:

1.       Become Aware of Your Own Sexual Power 

With experience comes knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to educate yourself, and be willing to try new things. A sexually powerful person knows what they want, and knows how to seduce the other person lovingly.

Having great sex is not about taking control of the other person’s desires; it is about creating an experience where both of you feel free to express, and be yourselves. If you need toys to experiment with yourself and what turns you on, try the Better Love selection here.

2.      Learn and Know Your Sexual Rights 

Unless you are aware of your sexual rights, it is difficult to excel in many areas. Many people already feel intimidated in the work place, among peers, and in social settings. When you throw in the novelty of an intimate relationship, some may feel coerced into doing things they aren’t okay with.

This is when real independence comes into play. Are you, as a partner, willing to do everything you can to make your lover feel at ease and comfortable? Can you protect your sexual rights, and the rights of others in a mature and responsible way?

3.      Try Out New Toys for Independent, Experimental Play 

Successful couples know that play is part of a healthy sex life. When you understand what brings you pleasure, you can communicate this to your partner. Think of great sex as a journey, not a destination. There is no “end” achievement you need to strive for.

Sure, it’s wonderful to have an orgasm, but it’s having fun that matters. The best way to teach your body to respond naturally is to play with it a little, even before playing with a partner. Use fun toys like clit stimulators and rabbit vibrators to aid with this.

4.      Change Any Old Mindsets About Sex, Rigid Hang-ups, and Beliefs

Do you struggle with any beliefs your parents had about traditional relationships? Do your friends make you feel inadequate, or do you ever suffer FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? It is normal to carry hang-ups about what a relationship and an active, healthy sex life should look or feel like.

Above all, remember that every person is different. Every couple creates their own playground, and can make or break their own rules. Newer couples will have more to learn than couples who have known each others’ bodies for years. That said, don’t let old mindsets get in the way of true liberation: be honest and open with your partner about your needs and desires.

5.      Learn From a Sex/Relationship Expert

Sometimes, it just takes a professional to help us sort out our own heads, and bodies. Psychotherapist Ester Perel, bestselling author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs has worked successfully with couples around the world. She believes that freedom starts with having the right kind of conversations.

“The conversation is less about what to do and how to fix,” Perel says. “First, it needs to be about changing the landscape and the way that we perceive things. What are the conversations that women are allowed to have, and what are the conversations that men are allowed to have?”

Unless you can be honest with your current partner/s about how you really feel, or the kind of sex you crave, it’s hard to be satisfied. To truly claim your sexual independence, means being willing to talk about sensitive issues. Letting your partner know, for example, that how he or she has tried to please you or bring you to an orgasm just isn’t working. Suggest using massagers or stimulators when playing together.

Learn how to be truly desired for what you are worth. Liberate yourself. Fight for your sexual rights and don’t be afraid to use the best sex toys to do so.

…Happy Independence Day!

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