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Can Sex Toys Cause Yeast Infections | Ella Paradis

Hi, everyone.

Today we’ll be going over if you could get a yeast infection from a sex toy, and the answer is yes.

I did a video that went over getting infections in general from sex toys, and my answer was still yes.

But that followed by the way, that you care for your toy, so it all comes down to you. It is crucial that you are cleaning your toy, after every use outside of just cleaning your body, of course, after sex.

And then for women making sure you’re using the bathroom after you have, you know, sexual intercourse doesn’t matter whether you know who it’s with or how many people it’s with, cleanse your system, clean your body, but also clean your sex toys.

The best way to avoid an infection is to ensure you are taking care of your toy as you are taking care of yourself using antibacterial toy cleaners.

Super quick cleaning tissues even if you’re kind of in a bit of a rush, just wipe your toy down. These are good for silicone, glass, and even metal toys. You can even using lukewarm water and antibacterial soap if your toy is waterproof.

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