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Can I Get An Infection From My Sex Toy | Ella Paradis

Short answer… yes BUT… it is in the way you care for and clean the toy that makes all the difference.

How would I get an infection from my (adult) sex toy?

  • Not cleaning your adult toy after every use is the biggest way to risk getting an infection. Best and easy way to keep up is cleaning your toy with toy cleaners (sex toy cleaners can be found here) — this goes for male sex toys and female sex toys.
  • Properly storing your adult sex toy (sex toy boxes and bags can be found here) — if you aren’t storing your sex toy properly and tossing it around into places or, leaving it around on nightstands/where ever, this also increases risk for bacteria which in turn, increases risk for infection.
  • Ensuring that if you’re using a silicone toy, the silicone is in tact!
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