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Butt Plugs For Beginners - Sex Toys Guide | Ella Paradis

There are many different avenues you can explore in the world of adult sex toys. Vibrators, dildos and clitoral stimulators are often hot products, but what about if you’re looking for something a little bit different — say for anal play? That’s where butt plugs come in.

These toys add another element to your sexy times, whether you’re engaging in solo or partner play. Let’s take a deeper look at what they entail.

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is an anal sex toy that’s inserted into your anus for anal stimulation. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with many different features.

Generally, when you think of anal sex toys, butt plugs are likely among the first toys that come to mind. Varying in look and feel, the best way to find out what will work best for you is to shop around and trust your instincts when it comes to the toys you find most appealing.

While many popular butt plugs are battery-operated, non-motorized butt plugs still hold a prominent role in every toy-lovers collection. Let’s take a look at both!

Anal Plug Uses

There are several reasons why people turn to anal plugs. Some like the feeling of being filled up in both ends during intercourse, which gives double the pleasure when you hit both erogenous zones.

Both men and women can use them, which makes a butt plug a versatile toy.

Others use them for anal training, to either get used to the sensation and graduate to anal sex or to simply enjoy the feeling of having the toy inside. For men, the prostate is an erogenous zone that, with a butt plug, can help intensify his climax.

Types of Butt Plugs

Like other sex toys on the market, there are different types of butt plugs worth shopping for and trying out. After all, you won’t know what it is you like until you have time to experiment.

Experimentation is essential for any type of new toy because many are designed to be used in different ways.


If you’re just starting out with a butt plug, it’s imperative that you go slow, and we’re not just talking about inserting it. Start with an anal training kit.

These come with a few different starter butt plugs in different sizes and lube to get you started. These typically don’t have any frills and are made with a soft material that’s pliable to make your beginning rimming and insertion experience more comfortable.

Advanced Users

If you’ve had plenty of practice and feel confident using butt plugs, whether alone or with a partner, you can graduate to the more advanced models such as a rechargeable vibrating butt plug that adds a completely different sensation that’ll have you gasping and clutching at the sheets.

Add Fun to Your Play

While many are straightforward and have ridges or a smooth surface to suit your pleasure, there are some butt plugs that kick it up a notch. For example, like cosplay? Find a tail butt plug of your favorite furry. Want to relinquish all control? Give your partner the remote control and set any (or no) guidelines.

Are Butt Plugs Safe?

Absolutely. When used properly according to the guidelines and a person’s comfort level, butt plugs are completely safe. It’s important to do your research and learn about them prior to use, but even then experimenting is the best way to get used to using one.

When starting out, it’s a good idea to choose one with a flared base, for easy removal. It’s less likely to go in all the way and provides you a safety measure until you’re more comfortable with using one regularly.

Why You May Want to Use a Butt Plug

The real question is why wouldn’t you? It adds a completely new dimension to your sex life and can even replace your vibrator or dildo — at least for anal play, sometimes.

Some people use them to enhance solo play, while others use a butt plug to spice up their current sex life. Whatever your reason for wanting to try one, it’s for your pleasure.

What Do Butt Plugs Feel Like?

Butt plugs feel different for everyone, and it really depends on the number of nerve endings in the anus. Some people who have a higher sensitivity threshold will experience more pleasure, while others will gain minimal sensation.

Of course, this completely depends on the person’s comfort level too, and over time, it’s not uncommon to gain even more pleasure.

In short, it’s a filling feeling, there’s slight pressure but it should never be overbearing. The pressure comes from stretching out the anus opening and canal.

Most people express minimal discomfort the first few times, but that’s usually from being tense. Relaxing will remedy that in no time.

How to Use a Butt Plug for the First Time

Anal - Jolie Anal Plugs Trainer Kit - Clear By New Sensations Novelties | Ella Paradis

You’ve heard us say it a million times, and you’ll hear us say it again – lube it up!

Many butt plug sets come with various-sized butt plugs to help ease you into your comfort zone. Butt plugs are normally shaped with a small, tapered tip that leads directly into a plump, round shape which then morphs abruptly in a rather slender neck.

Whether they’re silicone or body safe TPE, they’re sure to bring you pleasure with your training. That’s the kind of anal architecture that’ll make sensation escalate quite quickly as the toy’s circumference widens.

This shape and sensation that follows can be particularly pleasurable for folks that like a little stretch (with a major payoff at the end). Once you get past the widest point, the toy pops perfectly in place and feels full inside, yet light and manageable outside. Because the toy’s neck is so thin, you don’t get a ton of external anal stimulation from it.

With the help of enough lube, plus a little patience, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of anal stimulation in no time.

Choosing the Right Lube for Anal Plugs

Yep, us again — lube it up! But this is an important question, how do you know which lube is the proper one to use? Lubrication is essential because it allows for easy insertion and the last thing you want to do is experience pain during what’s supposed to be a pleasurable activity.

The truth is, lube is like any other toy or sexual product, preference matters. You may be happy with the first one you try or you may have to try a few to find a solution that works.

Water-based lubes are probably your best option, they’re easy to clean up after and they’re not typically staining. The best lubes for butt plugs are the ones that feel right to you.

You can even use the same one you use on your silicone toys if it’s acceptable for the model you have. Just make sure you read the guidelines that came with your toy and you should be all set to go.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Butt Plug

Buying a butt plug is a simple process, but there are a few things you should know before you hit the “add-to-cart” button. Let’s take a look at a few important considerations.

Which Size Butt Plug Should You Get?

Butt plugs come in different sizes, as we already discussed. The smaller ones are great for beginners or those who don’t like to feel a lot of extra sensation.

If you’re an advanced player, then a medium or even a large can give you extra stimulation with or without a partner involved. Remember, it’s your comfort level, so pick accordingly.

Soft or Firm?

This is purely a matter of personal preference. Beginners should absolutely start with soft butt plugs to get used to the insertion process and because they have a bit of pliability.

Firm ones are great for after you’ve established your comfort level and have used them regularly. Both offer different sensations, so it’s not uncommon for people to have one (or more!) of each on hand.

What Material Is Best for You?

Butt plugs come in different sizes, but they also come in different materials. If you’re not comfortable with firm, there are plenty of silicone butt plugs on the market.

Other options include glass and stainless steel butt plugs. These are recommended for more advanced players, though. Glass butt plugs are pretty to look at and steel ones are extremely smooth.

Phthalates and Toxic Plugs

When shopping for butt plugs, it’s important to avoid phthalates and other toxic materials. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller, like Ella Paradis, and try to avoid buying generic brands off of Amazon or eBay, for example.

Reputable sellers offer high-quality products and when it comes to your sex toys, you really want the best.

How Much Do Butt Plugs Cost?

The cost of butt plugs really depends on the retailer, but if you’re shopping for a high-quality model, as mentioned above, you can spend anywhere from $20 to $200. It all depends on the seller and if there are any sales ongoing.

Where to Buy a Butt Plug

Buying a butt plug is as easy as finding a reputable seller online. Ella Paradis is one such shop that always puts customer satisfaction first.

Make sure the seller’s policies are clear and that they’re reputable about the products they carry. In all cases, it’s never a bad idea to google shop ratings to garner other customer experiences.

Best Anal Sex Toys to Help with Your First Time

Though there are many anal toys for beginners, the Rianne S Booty Plug Set and Jolie Anal Plugs Trainer Kit are both great choices to get your backdoor play started!

The plugs in these great sets were designed for exciting stimulation of the nerve-packed anal canal, and the thoughtful graduated sizing allows you to move through the sizes as slowly or quickly as needed.

Both sets ranging from petite to large, the tapered shape of each gently, but very effectively introduces anal penetration to sex or self-love. Naturally providing a gentle stretch to the anal muscles, which becomes more dramatic as you move through the size scale, each toy inserts easily and smoothly.

Once fully inserted, the thinner neck at the base helps hold the plugs securely and could conceivably be left in place during almost any other sexual activity. This adds exciting, unique stimulation that can be incredibly exhilarating. Like any good butt plug, the bases are wide and easy to handle.

Countless women who now enjoy anal play felt timid before their first time. However, with the right sex toys for her, such as a b-Vibe Novice Plug or The Ditto by We-Vibe, it’s possible to begin exploring the exciting and liberating side of butt play fun. And trust us, the first butt play experience will completely change the way you enjoy your personal sexual exploration.

Looking for something on the smaller side? The Fun Factory Bootie Plug is great for beginner booty players. This simple butt plug offers flexibility with the necessary firmness for any posterior pleasure zone!

There’s a reason this is a fan favorite, known as one of the leading toys in the world for beginners anal play pleasure.

Is the Bootie Plug not large enough to hit the right spot for you? Take a step up in size to the Tantus Perfect Plug Plus.

Other butt play options to consider include the b-vibe Triplet Anal Beads and the California Exotic Novelties Her Anal Kit. Both ergonomically crafted to fit your own curves, the sleek, beautiful designs will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried anal before.

Whether you’re looking to try butt plug anal play solo or with your significant other, our selection of anal toys for beginners will never leave you begging for options.

Now, let’s break it down by gender and see what can tickle your fancy.

Best Butt Plugs for Men

There are a few good options on the market for men, including textured or smooth plugs to get you started. However, if you really want to kick it up a notch, try out the Prostate Play, a prostate massager that guarantees the best orgasm you didn’t know you could have. Also in this category is the Lelo Hugo, which shouldn’t be passed up!

Men looking for double the pleasure should try out the Snug and Tug Ring/Plug combo. The ring fits around the penis shaft, while the plug goes in the anus. In between is a perineum massager that connects the two for a sensation you’re not likely to forget anytime soon!

Best Butt Plugs for Women

Women shouldn’t miss out on the fun, either! For the ladies who like it in the back, there’s the vibrating Snug Plug that promises an amazing sensation, especially when coupled with vaginal play, whether it’s sex or clitoral stimulation.

Then there’s the Naughty Candy Heart that is ideal for beginners, plus it makes a cute gift that can spice up your bedroom activities. If you want a grand sensation? Opt for the Booty Rocket, a butt plug and anal beads in one smooth toy.

How to Properly Clean and Store Your Butt Plugs

As with any toy, cleanliness is key to avoiding infection, especially when it comes to anal play which requires a little more care. Before and after use, it’s important to clean your butt plugs.

Simple soap and water are all you need for most, though some materials may require a bit more care. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it clean and ready for its next use.

Between uses, store it in a cool, dry place and if possible, in a case or bag that keeps it from being exposed to the elements such as dust and dirt.

Anal Play Recommendations and Tips

When it comes to anal play, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Consensual — this is very important, it’s critical that you play because you want to play and not because you’re being forced to or feel like you need to in order to make your partner happy. It will just lead to more discomfort and in the end, neither of you will enjoy it.

Wellness — Make sure both partners are healthy before engaging in anal play. As it can transmit different types of diseases, a checkup for both involved is not a bad idea. Otherwise, just keep safety in mind when using — and especially sharing — toys.

G-spot — yes, there’s such a thing as an anal g-spot and finding it on your man (or yourself!) is life-changing. Toys help you explore this part of your sexuality and add even more fun to the experience.

Sex Educator — if this is your first time, getting advice from someone who has experience isn’t a bad idea. This doesn’t have to be your partner, either, it can be someone who is educated in sex toys and anal play, or it could be an article you read online from other users.

Temperature Play let’s face it, toys can be … cold! Nothing puts a damper on a hot experience than trying to insert something cold… unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course. If you’re not, then make sure you warm up the toy first, or better yet, use a warming lube! You’ll be astonished at the difference.

Other Anal Toys You Can Try

Perhaps you’ve already tried butt plugs, and you like them but you want to branch out. That’s what we’re here for!

Anal beads are a fun sex toy for many people, and it’s easy to see why. They add an unbeatable sensation because of the space between the beads and it’s one toy that feels just as good coming out as going in. They’re largely available in silicone but also come in stainless steel versions.

Vibrators and dildos can most certainly be used for anal play, too. Much like butt plugs or beads, you’ll want to warm up the toy and use lots of lube! Experiment with different girths and lengths until you find one that hits the sweet spot.

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