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Busting 5 Myths with Women & Masturbation | Blog & Advice | Ella Paradis

Masturbation, especially by females, has always been considered taboo, dangerous and unhealthy. This is changing.
No matter how old you are or whether masturbating is something you do every day, there may still be questions you have about masturbation. Can masturbating cause health problems?
Is it possible to lose your virginity as a women masturbating? If you’re in a relationship, is it OK to masturbate? Let’s look at these questions about masturbation.

Do women masturbate?

Yes, masturbating is possible for all genders.

Whether you like to use your hands or a toy, Ella Paradis has many options for all genders.
The Better Love Stella is the vibrator to end all vibrators. Your new BFF, Stella was born from an epic collaboration with STYLECASTER is exclusive to the Ella family. Jessica raved, “Everything about this toy screams a new joy in life. Cups perfectly over the clitoris and the tongue action is out of this world amazing. It’s a must add to your collection.”

For men, we suggest the Better Love Hawk Dual Masturbator.  Always ready for action and comes with two different openings (mouth and vagina) for personalized pleasure. The interior features textured nubs and ribs providing a next-level experience.

Women & Masturbation | 7 Myths Busted About Masturbation | Ella Paradis

Is everyone the same when they masturbate?

There is no right or wrong way of masturbating in your privacy.Masturbation is generally defined as touching, pressing, rubbing or massaging the genital, nipples or other erogenous areas with your fingers or against an object like a pillow. You can also insert fingers or objects into the anus or vagina, or stimulate the genitals using toys like an electric vibrator. You can use toys to stimulate any part of your body you like. There are many ways to masturbate. You can masturbate in any way you want, as long as it isn’t dangerous for you or others.

May we suggest the Better Love Tap Dancer™? This is the first clitoral stimulator to utilize TAPPLEASURE Technology™ that mimics the same human touch a vulva owner would feel during foreplay. This industry leading technology is similar to methods used in acupuncture, massage and physical therapy that stimulates nerves and their endings through tap response. You and your partner will have no trouble taking your moment from “ohh” to “OHH”.

Can solo masturbation cause diseases?

No, solo masturbation can’t cause infection or disease unless you wash your hands and use a clean object.

Solo masturbation is not like sex with a partner. It won’t cause unintended pregnancy, or sexually transmitted infection (as long as the environment and objects are clean).

It’s also a safe way for you to find out what you like and don’t like about yourself. You should use a personal lubricant (check out the Sliquid Spark Menthol lube) if you feel any irritation or chafing.

Avoid lotions, Vaseline, and oils, as they can irritate your genitals. If your body is sensitive, irritations or infections may occur. Germs from the anus can also cause urethral and vaginal infections.

You should wash your vagina if you have put something that has been in your urethral.

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Is masturbation a good way to learn how to orgasm?

Yes, masturbation is a chance to explore your body and discover your desires. You can discover new bodily sensations, reactions, and emotions through masturbation, such as squirting.

This is a great time to test on new toys too.  May we recommend the Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator if you’re looking for an intense climax with all thrills and no frills. Offering fantastic pleasure with every use, the Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator has the basics more than covered, featuring everything you’d ever need in a vibrating sex toy. Rechargeable, waterproof, and outright incredible, this is one toy that belongs in anyone and everyone’s collection.

Learning to Orgasm | 7 Myths Busted for Masturbation | Ella Paradis

Is it possible to lose your virginity by masturbating?

No, you cannot lose your virginity by masturbation. Virginity isn’t something that can be attributed to a physical or mental condition. It is a cultural concept that many people have different opinions and definitions. Sometimes, virginity is often linked to the notion that your vaginal opening has a membrane that has been “broken” by vaginal sexual sex.

Losing Your Virginity & Masturbation | 7 Myths about Masturbation | Ella Paradis

The gradual decrease in the vaginal corona can be caused by inserting items (tampons and menstrual cups, toys, or fingers), into the vagina. Your vaginal corona, if any, will eventually wear down regardless of how masturbating you do. It is unclear what the anatomy and function of the vaginal corona are. More research is required.

Is mutual masturbation ok?

If you are in a relationship, is it OK to masturbate? Yes. Solo masturbation and partner sex don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They can complement each other. Solo masturbation can help you learn more about yourself, which can lead to better sex. You can learn more about your partner’s sexual preferences by having mutual masturbation.

Mutual Masturbation With Partner | 7 Myths about Masturbation Busted | Ella Paradis

If you’re looking to play together give the We-Vibe Moxie with Remote a try.  It’s a wearable clitoral vibrator for discreet hands-free pleasure. Worn underneath clothing, Moxie’s contoured shape and silky-smooth silicone make it ultra-comfortable to wear on the go.

We hope this clears up any confusion you may have about masturbation.  Enjoy your time, Ella Family!

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