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As many different shoe brands there are, the sex toy selection is just the same. For this reason, it can be hard to know which brands are trustworthy, offer quality toys and frankly, which one will give you the most sensational bang for your buck.  

And while many adult toy companies have their niche, there is one brand in particular that has been uniquely focused on bringing innovative, unmatched and body-safe pleasure to their community. This brand is not only economically inclusive. Their product selection caters to the personal preferences of any and all folk who seek a little spice.

They are Better Love.

As an established pleasure partner in the saturated sex toy industry, you surely can’t go wrong with one of their vibrating friends between your legs.

The 6 toys below are the Better Love favorites for a reason. So, if you are in the market for a new silicone secret, your best bet is to start here.

Better Love Favorites

1. The Better Touch Vibe

For a handheld, intimate clitoral experience.

better touch vibe

This discreet and powerful toy is Better Love’s best selling vibrator. The Better Touch Vibe fits in the palm of your hand for no-stress pleasure. Additionally, it is extremely easy to use and small enough to have in your purse.

Check out the reviews from Women’s Health and InStyle below:

“Sometimes, you just want a toy that lets you take things to the next level with minimal effort on your end. That’s where the Better Touch Vibe comes in. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and cups your clitoris for easy pleasure. It’s also waterproof and made of silicone for a second-skin feel.” –Women’s Health

“It’s the perfect accessory to take on the road; it’s so compact that you could fit it into your teeniest-tiniest purse and nobody would know it’s there. Plus, it’s pretty enough to leave on the nightstand without drawing attention.” – InStyle Magazine

Looking for a vibrator that is easy to use, does the job, and even looks beautiful?

You’ve found her.

2. The Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator

Clit action with a little spice.

butterfly clitoral stimulator

With over 100,000 sold, this product is a no-brainer.

The Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator has 10 different sucking levels with an easy push button to start and stop. This toy guarantees a clitoral orgasm for any clitoris-owner. The design is compact and sleek, and you can even take it in the bath without having to worry about it making splashes.

Oh, and you can even use it with a partner.

Nevertheless, this best-selling clit sucker is loved for its simple design and effective suction levels. And the only regretful reviews that have come through are from those who wish they had made the purchase sooner.

3. The Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator

The one with the tongue.

Get ready to be blown away.

The Better Love Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator is the perfect toy for anyone who is ready to amp-it-up. In fact, with this toy in the mix, you may be in the running for love at first sight.

The Blowfish comes with 7 sucking functions and features a ‘tongue’ for light, sensual flicking. With two options in one, this clit stimulator can give you a real life-like sensation.

And if you are yet to be convinced, this powerful toy is compact, travel-friendly, and even waterproof. So, go ahead and draw the bath, light the candles and get ready to splash.

4. The Better Love FIJI Couples Vibe

The toy fit for two.

The Better Love FIJI Couples Vibe couples vibrator is a must-have in the bedroom. Slip it inside your vagina for simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation. The toy remains inserted while your partner enters you — yes, seriously.

Double the fun, double the orgasms, sex will never be the same again.

This toy has an adjustable fit to ensure extreme pleasure and comfort for you and your partner. It even comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t absolutely squealing with joy, you’ll get your money back.

5. The Better Love Booty Pop

Anal play made simple.

The Better Love Booty Pop is the perfect, petite butt plug. Featuring one vibration mode and a simple design, this no-stress toy is well suited for anal play beginners and long time veterans alike.

Only use water-based lube for this toy. 

6. The Hawk Dual Masturbator

The one that’ll feels like the real deal.

The Better Love Hawk Dual Masturbator is not your typical men’s masturbator.

You ask why?

Well, it has not one, but two openings. One to mimic a vagina, and the other to mimic a mouth.

The interior features textured nubs and ribs providing a next-level experience. The outside silicone sleeve provides excellent gripping power and puts you in control of the tightness and fit. So, you can squeeze the ‘body’ of the toy for added pressure during use.

Pro tip: try soaking this toy in warm water for ~extra realness~. 

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