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Sex is not just a conjugal right of every human being, it is an immensely powerful force of the nature that keeps a couple together. We are one of the few mammalian species that can enjoy sex.  And, this has kept us motivated since our inception on the planet. We are not just obsessed with sex, we are driven by it. Sex toys are born of this passion, and below are the top 10 best sex toys of 2019 to spice-up your intimate life.

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#10. We-Vibe Unite

Whether you like it aggressive or slow, hard or soft, We-Vibe Unite is a top selling couple’s vibrator. It comes with 10 vibration modes, is made-of bio-friendly silicone, and is splash proof (no worries there, huh!). This vibrator has been specifically designed for sensual clitoral and g-spot stimulation that is bound to take you and your partner on a space ride.

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#9. Womanizer Classic

Ladies out there, get ready for explosive orgasms! Classic by Womanizer is a high-tech and luxurious clitoral stimulator to give your lady parts a zing like never before. Made from bio-friendly silicone, fast recharge capacity, and silent-mode for discreet use, this stimulator is your next true love. It comes with 2 head sizes, operates on a patented pleasure air technology and 8-intensity levels to make you feel things you never felt before.

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#8. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl

Made from the silkiest silicone, this rabbit-style G-spot vibrator ‘knows your pleasure and passion.’ With 15 speed patterns, travel-friendly and waterproof design, this rabbit vibrator will make any lady cum the hardest possible way. Its powerful motors are like stallions that makes it America’s most favorite ‘lady friend.’

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#7. Satisfyer One Night Stand

Craving for a hot quickie or a hot after-party action? One-night Stand is a one-time use clitoral stimulator for when you find a stud, or a goddess! It comes with multi-speed control and is a perfect pleasure tool when you travel.

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#6. We-Vibe SYNC Couples’ Vibrator

A love device that understands your unique shape, SYNC is the most advanced couples’ vibrator. Made from the best quality silicone, it is renowned for giving ladies around America explosive orgasms. Pair with the We-connect app and share your ‘intimate sessions’ with your partner from anywhere around the world.

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#5. We-Vibe Touch

Enjoy sensual softness whenever you want! With We-Vibe’s Touch Vibrator, your showers might just become a little longer. This is a silent and powerful 8-speed vibrator made from medical-grade silicone. Also, beware- It sends rumbles of vibrations that will give you gushing orgasms.

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#4. Womanizer Premium

A notch higher than the classic Womanizer, this device is the perfect love-making device for couples and solo acts. Its 12 intensity levels will keep you wanting for more and more. The best feature is its ‘autopilot mode’ that will surprise you every time in the bed.

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#3. Lily Rabbit Vibrator by Better Love

Ever fantasized about those intimate pleasure moments in the dark? Lily Rabbit vibrator is super silent, super sexy and super naughty when it comes to giving you blinding orgasms. Its 10-speed vibration and waterproof design makes it a versatile ‘lover’ and the high-quality silicone keeps you healthy. Spice things up that thong with Lily Rabbit Vibrator.

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#2. Wicked Sensual Care Lube (2oz.)

No matter what kind of penetrative thrusting intensity you like, orgasms can only hit you with the right lubrication. Made from super-safe and medical-grade gel compound, Wicked Sensual Lube will make you glide to paradise. Say bye to bye to your or your partner’s dryness, and welcome extreme bedroom pleasure.

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#1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

This is one of those few next generation clitoral vibrators that stand up to their name. It is actually a ‘pro’ when it comes to nibbling, sucking, and teasing your clitoris just the way you like. Its 11 intensity levels and ultra-silent ‘whisper mode’ are sure to make you cum harder every time you use it. Keep your partner wanting for more with this advanced next-gen clitoral stimulator!

Which sex toy did you choose to master your and your partner’s body in the bed? Let us know in the comments below!

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