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You’ve seen it on the big screen and now it’s time to take it into your bedroom. No, we’re not talking about going out and finding a wealthy man to call your own, although, we aren’t opposed to that either. Instead, we’re talking about going 50 shades darker with UR pleasure. Here’s how you can live like Anastasia Steele, with or without a Mr. Grey to call your own.

1. Wear Darker Lipstick

The best way to go fifty shades darker to channel your inner Mrs. Grey is to – quite literally – go 50 shades darker. Anastasia loves a deep, dark hue on her lips and apparently, Mr. Grey likes the taste of it as well.

2. Indulge in Some Luxury

If you don’t have a Mr. Grey, helicopter, billionaire budget and massive yacht – you know, the things most people don’t have – you can still indulge in the luxurious side of going 50 shades darker.

Allow yourself to indulge in your idea of the finer things in life –  you know, a new sexy cocktail dress, a bottle of champagne at dinner instead of water, wearing a kinky pair of high heels on your next date, treating yourself to 50 Shades of Grey sex toys, gifting a UR pleasure box.

3. Start Biting Your Lip

Anastasia’s statement move well throughout the Fifty Shades of Grey movies is the biting of her lip. It’s sexy; it’s promiscuous and slightly kinky. So, start biting when you’re in the mood.

4. Invest in Your Own Life

Despite Mr. Grey treating Anastasia to a luxury lifestyle, she was invested in her own life long before he came along. So, don’t wait for your Christian Grey to stumble on by. Do you and the rest will follow. Pardon the pun.

5. Accept New Challenges

Whether it’s taking a paddle to the rear or giving yourself up fully to someone else in bed, learn to accept new challenges as they come.

6. Learn to be Vulnerable

Unless you’re planning on channeling your inner Christian Grey, you’ll have to learn how to be vulnerable. In order to experience the whips, chains and excitement of going 50 shades darker, you have to be comfortable with submitting yourself.

7. Have Satisfying Sex All the Time

You don’t have to be dominated every single night – unless you want to be, of course. However, one surefire way to channel your inner Mrs. Grey is to have satisfying sex whenever you want! Whether it’s with a friend, a stranger, a boyfriend, girlfriend, sex toy – whatever, enjoy yourself… Regularly.

8. Be a Strong Woman

We aren’t talking about lifting 50 lbs. dumbbells – although, good for you if you can do that. Instead, we’re talking about being mentally and emotionally strong, two thing Anastasia definitely emits well throughout the Fifty Shades of Grey films.

Anastasia may be the submissive one but she’s one hell-of-a-strong woman, and whether inside or outside of the bedroom, she is certainly someone worth aspiring to be like. However, if you want to stick with your inner Mrs. Grey in between the sheets, or rather, Red Room, head on over to Ella Paradis and treat yourself to 50 darker shades of pleasure.

Chantal McCulligh
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