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As Marvin Gaye would say, ‘Let’s get it on’. It’s time to learn how you can reach your pinnacle of pleasure by exploring the various ways your body can orgasm! And no, we aren’t talking about clitoral stimulation or vaginal orgasms. Instead, we’re talking about the type of orgasms you never knew existed. Prepare to be amazed!  

1. Nipples Orgasms

Believe it or not, but nipple orgasms are actually a thing! Studies have shown that stimulated the nipple can activate the same area of the brain that clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation does. What this means is your body can react the same way to nipple stimulation as it does genital stimulation. Hello, orgasms!

2. Kissing Orgasms

Start locking lips because it can give you all the orgasms you’re looking for.  Your mouth is full of sensitive nerve endings which are similar to the nerve endings in the vulva, clitoris, and vulva. This means that kissing can get you aroused to the point of climax. So, channel your inner 40 Days and 40 Nights where Josh Hartnett orgasms without being touched. It’s time to play, tease, and play with your tongue.

3. Anal Orgasms

If you aren’t into anal play, you might want to reconsider because you can certainly reach your pinnacle of pleasure with anal intercourse. The secret is to make sure you take the proper precautions so it feels good for you – and not just your partner. Always use plenty of lube, and start off with small anal beads and slow motions. Once it feels good, continue to upgrade until you’re able to have anal intercourse. Then voila! You’ll be experiencing this unique type of orgasm that many woman love – when it’s done properly.

4. Urethra Orgasms

When it comes to your urethra, you likely don’t think of orgasms. After all, every woman has experienced a man unknowingly play around the urethra (yes, the pee hole) which almost always results in pain and discomfort. However, when stimulated with soft, gentle sensations, this part of your body can send you into an orgasm. Of course, you don’t want to be on the urethra but rather, stimulated the areas surrounding it. This will trigger orgasms similar to what is commonly known as ‘squirting’.

5. Zone Orgasms

You can even experience orgasms from areas on your body that are rarely seen as erotic. It just depends on what you’re into and you won’t know until you explore. So, take your foreplay to new levels to find your secret sweet spots. The nape of the neck, inner thigh, feet, and collarbones are popular areas that have more to offer in between the sheets than most people realize.

6. Mental Orgasms

The mind is a powerful place and it can be just as erotic. In fact, your brain is your biggest sex organ and it deserves to be stimulated. Just think about the times you’ve woken up a thunderous orgasm after having a sex dream or when you were recently turned on via intimate thoughts. That’s the brain working and it can give you some of the most powerful orgasms known to (wo)man.

7. Blended Orgasms

One of the best types of orgasms that are becoming more popular is blended orgasms. This is exactly what it sounds like – orgasms resulting from more than one area being stimulated at the exact same time. So, think about a hand here, a mouth there, kissing here, rubbing there, etc. An excellent way to experience this type of orgasm is by bringing toys into the bedroom. Use a vibrator on your clitoris while having intercourse; use anal beads while having vaginal intercourse, etc. Before you know it, you’ll be having multiple orgasms all at one. Talk about explosive!

If you’re ready to see what your body is truly capable of, head on over to Ella Paradis and buy some new sex toys. We have something for every type of orgasms. It’s just up to you to explore.


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