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The key to a long-lasting relationship is keeping the flame alive! But let’s be honest, that is often easier said than done without the proper tips. While some say the flame always dies after some time, we argue that it doesn’t have to! You just need to add some spice in between the sheets. Here are the top 7 things every couple needs to try in the bedroom, if not to keep the spark alive but to keep your sex life interesting!

A little bit of bondage

You don’t have to pull out the whips and chains, but you certainly have to indulge in a little bit of light bondage. It’s amazing what a blindfold and some feathers can do in between the sheets, and who knows, you might even realize that 50 Shades of Grey is right up your alley. In that case, bring out the whips and chains, and embrace your submission and/or dominant side.

Kama Sutra sex moves

You know missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl and the sideways salsa, and feel like you have a decent vocabulary of sexual positions to sub in for new sensations. But if you haven’t tried Kama Sutra, you’re missing out. These moves are like a yoga class for sex. They’re a little tricky, incredibly sexy, and have the perfect amount of fun and excitement that leaves you sweaty.

Role play

When in need of a serious splash of excitement, implement some role play in the bedroom. Playing out different roles and scenarios with your significant other is a foolproof way to spice things up! It can be as simple as dressing up in an adult costume or as intense as disguising yourself as someone else and meeting a “stranger” (your partner) in a bar and going home together. The options are endless.

Tasty treats in between the sheets

Who ever said food is meant for eating is seriously missing out. There’s nothing better than combining two of your favorite things you need to have in order to survive and live a happy life – sex and food. So, grab some whipped cream, fresh fruits and enjoy your partner’s body in a new way. It’s the perfect nighttime snack.

Sensation play

For anyone who thinks sex is all about penetration, you’ve been missing out on the power of sensation play. This is a type of sex play that involves using hot and cold objects and substances to heighten your sexual pleasure and sensations. You can use everything from frozen ice cubes to melted candle wax, frozen fruits and bottles of sensation lube.

Adult toys

Adult toys aren’t restricted to solo use. In fact, they can be even more fun when used in the bedroom with your partner. So, share your hidden sex drawer with your significant lover and let them experience your wild inhibitions. Vibrators, anal beads, kegel beads, c-rings, oh my.  Keep your love alive and your sex thriving with a trip to our Ella Paradis shop.

Chantal McCulligh
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