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Long distance relationships are both a beauty and a beast

Trust, appreciation, and creative romantic gestures are all things that make long distance relationships special. On the other hand, sexual gratification can be a challenge. 

No matter how far away your partner is, you both have needs. Learning how to introduce pleasure, in what some may call non-traditional ways, is essential. 

So how do you have sex in a long distance relationship? 

If you aren’t already aware, sex is so much more than bananas and donuts. 

And definitely doesn’t require a pruned flower or an anatomical tower… in other words, a vagina and a penis. 

Masturabation, oral sex, dry humping, watching porn and phone sex are all sexual behaviors that create pleasure, intimiacy, and romance. 

When you are craving those closer, sexual moments in a long distance relationship, it is important to broaden your definition of sex. Get creative and know that sex is not one size fits all. 

Sex has no limits — other than consent, of course. 

These 7 tips will help you tap into the possibilities of pleasure from any amount of distance. 

1. Communicate.

The most important tip for lovers doing long distance is to communicate. Authentically sharing how you feel, whether you are sexually satisfied or deprived, is the only way you can make progress with your partner. 

If your needs aren’t being met, don’t hesitate to share. Tell your partner that long distance has made it difficult for you to feel sexually fulfilled and ask them if their needs are being met. 

Once you can openly talk about the sexual challenges of long distance and how they impact your relationship, you can begin to explore the many ways that sex can happen when you are not living in the same city.

2. Take a photo or two.

Just because you are physically separated from your partner does not mean you have to miss out on seeing them. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to share your body as one does in a “normal” relationship, take some photos and videos that will get your partner wishing they were in the room with you. 

Taking and sending intimate photos is personal. So if your partner asks you to send something spicy and you are not comfortable doing so, communicate that you are not ready to share. 

3. Invest in remote-friendly sex toys.

The best thing to invest in if you are in a long distance relationship is a remote-friendly sex toy. 

Yes, these really do exist. 

With one of these bad boys in the mix, pleasure can be just as intimate and intense for long distance couples as it is when you are together in person. You can bring the heat with any of these long distance-friendly vibrators: 

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

we vibe vibrator

This vibrator is a best seller for a reason. It makes staying connected so easy and was created with long distance lovers in mind. Featuring a flexible body, you can customize the fit to your body’s unique curves for maximum pleasure. 

The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator also comes with a squeeze remote that reacts to human touch. The harder the squeeze, the more intense the vibrations. 

We-Vibe Wearable Jive

You thought a Bluetooth controlled vibrator was cool… but what about one that you can wear. Pleasure can be unlocked from literally anywhere with the We-Vibe Wearable Jive. Remote enabled and featuring more than 10 powerful, but quiet vibrations, you can experience the excitement of a shared, sexy secret with your lover. 

 We-Vibe Ditto 

So often overlooked and underappreciated is the backside. Anal play with the right toy is capable of providing immense pleasure — and with the We-Vibe Ditto vibrating butt plug, even the long distance lovers can join in on the fun. 

This flexible, soft and comfortable toy is remote-enabled, meaning you can experience pleasure no matter where you are in relation to your partner.

4. Explore mutual masturbation.

Masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo act… and this is not a new concept. 

In fact, when Christianity was at its peak, mutual masturbation was a common practice amongst nuns. Their theory — mutual masturbation was not a sin because it didn’t involve physically touching another person. 

Who would have thought these naughty nuns knew what they were doing? Mutual masturbation is normal and should be confidently explored by lovers in long distance circumstances. 

If you are in a long distance relationship, introduce mutual masturbation. Masturbating at the same time as your partner, whether you do so over live video or the phone, is an exciting sexual experience that brings pleasure to both partners. 

If this sounds like something you want to try out, but you or your partner are not super comfortable being naked on video, dim those lights. Even just hearing your partner’s voice during mutual masturbation is stimulating. 

5. Take off the filter. It’s time to talk dirty.

On a similar note, erotic talk is a promising way to introduce pleasure when you are without physical proximity to your partner. 

Dirty talk doesn’t come naturally for all. If this is a sexy skill you are yearning to learn, watch some porn and read some erotica. Once you get an idea of how others take things up a notch with erotic talk, you can do so with your partner.

6. Skype, but make it sex.

Oh there is nothing like good ol’ fashioned Skype sex. In 2021, what has been referred to as Skype sex can now be done over countless video calling platforms. Facetime? WhatsApp? 

If it has a camera, it will suffice. 

So give technology a go and create an environment that is comfortable and stimulating. Just like while having sex in person, build up the anticipation with some virtual foreplay. 

Make sure you come to your Skype sex call prepared. From creating the perfect lighting and capturing the most flattering angels, to having your favorite toys on deck, you can be sure that pleasure isn’t so far away. 

7. Linger in lingerie.

If you are someone who loves sharing lingerie surprises with your partner in person, do the same virtually! 

Put on your prettiest piece of lace and click that call button. 

With something this sexy on, who knows where the phone call will go?

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  1. In my humble opinion, i believe long distance is best for couples who have been married a long time or people who have been in a relationship long prior to the distance

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