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If you could wave a magic wand, what would you wish for? No more back pain? Intense orgasms?

Luckily, you won’t need magic for either of these wishes.

Shaped like a microphone, wand vibrators will have you hitting those high notes you’d never thought you could reach. Originally created to cure sore spots in the neck, shoulders and back, wand massagers quickly grew in popularity for their hidden benefit of externally arousing key sensitive spots. Women everywhere (including the illustrious ladies of “Sex and the City”) rejoiced when they found out they could relieve their stress and release a satisfying orgasm with the help of a buzzy companion.


The History Behind the Wand Vibrator

Before orgasms got their name, these shuttering bouts of pleasures were simply labeled “paroxysms,” known to cure hysteria in women.


Doctors would diagnose their patients with hysteria if they showed any symptoms ranging from anxiety and irritability to sexual fantasies and desires. With a pair of gloves and a good amount of gusto, the professionals would manually stimulate the body to release an orgasm. The treatment became extremely popular (obviously), and to keep up with demand, merchants developed vibrating tools to recreate the sensations.

And voilà, the first vibrators were born.

A pure accident, these toys sparked the beginning of a long history of sexual awakening among women, who were only taught that their bodies were meant to satisfy men. Fast forward to the 1960s where another accidental discovery was born. Hitachi, a leading brand in high-quality, durable tools, developed a powerful back massager that looked innocent but had a sneaky little secret. Its intense motor did more than relieve a few kinks in the body. It provided reliable orgasms and quickly became known as a sex device.

The high-powered vibrations and compact size sparked others to develop sensual massagers that met the needs of orgasm-seeking females. Traditionally corded and plugged, wand vibrators provide intense sensations that cannot always be matched by their wireless versions. Concentrated in the bulbous head, the pulsations deliver maximum external stimulation, which can be used to excite the clitoris, nipples, penis and more. Excellent for beginners and experts, wand vibrators are key toys to keep around in your bathroom for whenever you need muscle tension release, or even better, exhilarating climaxes.

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How to Use a Wand Vibrator

Most wands feature a large, rounded head and a long handle for an easy grip. The head usually bends and flexes with your body movements to provide maximum stimulation with ultimate comfort. While most vibrators are geared toward internal use, wand vibrators focus on providing external satisfaction, buzzing on your erogenous zones without penetration.

Used in the same way you would a back massager, you can begin your exploration by setting the mood, rubbing the vibrating head on tense areas that require muscle relief. Working your way downwards, you can circle the nipples or even the area around and above the vagina. The key to your strokes is to keep it moving; otherwise, intense static concentration can lead to a numbing sensation. The feeling subsides as you move the toy around the body, exploring what uniquely feels good to you.

Targeting one area at a time, you can increase or decrease speed, depending on your sensitivity level. Newer versions also come with detachable, adjustable heads that allow a more creative journey and internal pleasure. The versatility of a wand massager allows you to incorporate other pulsing toys (or people) into the mix.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about a wand vibrator, or you’ve been wearing down the batteries of your trusty massager for years. Regardless of your expertise, there’s always something new to try! Below, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite massagers. From cordless to classics, you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy.


Inspire - Vibrating Ultimate Wand - Pink - Massager

Best Value: Inspire Massager

If you’re feeling frisky and philanthropic, the Inspire massager is perfect for you. Not only in support of your orgasms, this premium silicone personal vibrator also gives away proceeds to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Organization. Increasing circulation and arousing erogenous areas, its powerful motor gives you a bang for your buck with 10 vibrating patterns and a waterproof body so that you can take it anywhere. Equipped with a USB cord, this device can be used wireless and provides hours of release with just one charge.

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Le Wand - Rechargeable Massager

Strongest: Le Wand

Le Wand takes your muscle tension release and sexual pleasure to new heights with its powerful motor, lasting up to 3 hours on a full charge. Cordless and rechargeable, you’ll have no trouble getting the power you need to soothe and stimulate your body. If the body-safe silicone head, flexible neck and easy-to-use button controls weren’t enough to get you going, this massager also comes jam-packed with 10 unique vibration speeds and 20 pulsating patterns to keep you thrilled for hours. Its versatile head is also compatible with additional attachments that allow you to use the toy during internal play.

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Vibratex - Magic Wand Original - Massager

Best Value: Magic Wand Original

Holding the number one spot for 30 years straight as America’s top choice for personal massagers, you can’t go wrong with the classic corded Magic Wand. Sparking revolutions and teasing out orgasms nationally, this device is discreet, powerful and extremely effective. With a 6-foot cord, you’ll never be too far from an outlet to get this toy buzzing! Its strong, steady vibrations will never lose their strength thanks to their reliance on main power and not a battery-operated pack. It’s never too late to join the party, for orgasms are always in style.

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Vibratex - Magic Wand Rechargeable - Classic Vibrator

Best-Selling: Magic Wand Rechargeable – Classic Vibrator

Take the power of the Magic Wand on the go with the rechargeable edition. This massager delivers the same durable strength the original provides, but it comes with the added bonus of wireless use. With four intense speeds and pleasure patterns, you can slip this inside your travel bag to experience relaxing and sensational relief no matter where you land.

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Vive Enoki Wand Massager by Shots

Best for Beginners: Vive Enoki Wand

Shaped like an eaten apple, this innovative toy redefines the look and feel of a traditional wand massager, providing a shorter neck for more accurate play. The soft, medical-grade silicone head has a built-in versatile motor that caters to your sensitivity and builds up the pleasure as you use it. Its limber neck bends and sways with your body movements to give you an ultimately comfortable and exhilarating experience. Oscillate between the 10 vibrating patterns or try out the climax mode to get you over the edge faster. Whether you’re in it for the long haul or want a quick pick-me-up, this adaptable toy is a perfect companion.

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Embrace - Body Wand - Massager

Best for Couples: Embrace Body Wand

Share the release of muscle tension (and sensual arousal) with your partner! This dual-ended personal massager is ergonomically curved to reach multiple areas on the body so that you can bask in the delight of teasing each other. Each end has an independent motor attached, with two distinct heads. On one end is a broad, rounded head for larger areas like the back, neck and clitoris. The other has a much more pointed tip for acute stimulation on areas like the nipples and perineum. Switch up the speeds with 7 pulsating patterns and take it underwater for splash play. Your partner will thank you and probably will ask to be massaged more often!

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It isn’t too much to ask for sore muscle relaxation and sexual satisfaction from a toy. Wave your wand vibrator and welcome the intensely pleasurable adventure that awaits you.

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