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Daylight Savings has its fair share of pros and cons. When it comes to springing forward, we can expect to lose a precious hour of sleep in exchange for a series of prolonged daylight hours. 

Not too bad, right? 

The truth is that the simple turning of the clock has a greater impact on our lives than the amount of time we experience sunshine. Daylight savings was created to benefit agricultural practices, but today, that benefit is overshadowed by a growing urban population whose focus is not on the farm, but on their mental health. 

So how does Daylight Savings affect mental health? While the answer is not a simple one, it can be better understood when you consider how sleep impacts mood, energy, stability, and other aspects of our overall wellness

When the clocks shift, we disrupt our circadian rhythm, our body’s internal process that regulates sleep. This shocks our system in more ways than one, and can result in sleep deprivation, loss of energy, hormonal imbalance, and a change in appetite. While the only way to truly avoid this disruption would be to ditch Daylight Savings all together, there are some things you can do to ensure you bounce back when the clocks bounce forward. 

Give Bedtime a Boost

Do your best to get in bed early the nights leading up to the clocks moving forward. By doing so, you will reduce the impact that Daylight Savings has on your circadian rhythm and will be less likely to feel the physiological effects that are associated with this event. 

Shut Out the Sun

If you need just one reason to invest in black out curtains, Daylight Savings may just be the one. Draw your curtains the night before the time jumps forward to block out the sun as it makes its appearance an hour ahead of schedule. This will allow you to stick to the sleep schedule that you are accustomed to.

Light Exposure

Once you are up and at it the morning after the clocks change, open the windows and make time to get outside. Sunlight is an energy booster and can help you feel motivated to tackle your day, even if you didn’t get your preferred amount of sleep. 

Stick to the Same Schedule

The days immediately after the time changes, do your best to stick to your typical daily routine. Be consistent with your eating and exercise habits and avoid taking naps throughout the day.

Prioritize Good Sleep

In the days before and after Daylight Savings, it is important that you do everything you need to get the best sleep possible. What produces the best sleep is personal to each and every individual. Whether that be taking melatonin, listening to sleep sounds, or getting a good stretch in before bed, do what you know works for you. If you haven’t quite figured out how to get a solid night’s rest, be experimental with your bedtime routine. Incorporating relaxation practices like masturbation before you go to bed can reduce stress, promote longer periods of deep sleep, and restore hormonal balance. 

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Psychological Benefits of Springing Forward

While these tips and toys will help you to cope with the immediate side effects of Daylight Savings, the extra sunshine that comes after moving the clocks forward can pose ongoing mental health benefits. Exposure to sunlight is naturally restorative to our wellness and can help remedy the psychological effects that are brought on by the abrupt changes to the clock. So be sure to enjoy the extra sunshine in your day and embrace the benefits of the oh so wonderful rays. 

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