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It’s time to have sex like they do in the film – seriously sexy, hot and steamy sex. Whether you have a red room of your own or simply want to turn your very own bedroom into a red room of fun and pleasurable pain, here are the five ways to go 50 shades darker in between the sheets.

Amplify the Ambiance

Ambiance is everything within Mr. Grey’s Red Room. He always has the tone set perfectly for some dirty, kinky fun, which is key because there’s nothing that will kill the mood like flickering or bright fluorescent lights will. So, before you dive into your hidden chest of sex toys, it’s time to set the ambiance within your own Red Room.

Consider swapping out bright bulbs for softer ones or better yet, trade them out completely for massage oil candles. As the ambiance burns, you can even use the melted wax for 50 darker shades of fun.

Get a Hidden Toy Chest

If there’s one thing Mr. Grey never has a shortage of, it’s promiscuous, sexy toys! While having your own dirty toy chest might be too obvious for your own liking, there are several discreet adult toy storage boxes you can use to keep your darkest desires hidden. Just make sure you don’t hide it too well to ensure you can easily access your desire for 50 shades whenever the mood strikes.


Top Up the Toy Chest

What fun would a hidden adult toy chest be if it’s not full of kinky things to try? Top up your new secret storage space with 50 shades of BDSM. From vibrators to blindfolds, nipple clamps, to c-rings, paddles, handcuffs and more, your secret is safe with us!

Treat Yourself to an Upgrade

It’ll be hard to go 50 shades darker in between the sheets if your furniture doesn’t allow for it. You don’t have to go installing a sex swing in the middle of your bedroom – although, that does sound incredibly tempting. Instead, simply consider upgrading the headboard on your bed for one you can tie things to or trading in the never-used chair in the corner for a dark, velvet chaise lounge to go 50 shades darker in your bedroom. If there’s anything Christian Grey enjoys, it’s luxury items that can dub as kinky play.

Recreate the Lavish Life of Mr. Grey

Mr. and Mrs. Grey are all about the lavish experiences that lead up to the red room. So, despite how tempting your new Red Room is, remember that the tantalizing always begins long before those doors open.  Now, you may not have a massive yacht or an endless budget to wine and dine on. However, you can recreate the same level of seductive anticipation with a date night out to a fancy restaurant or a romantic walk in the park. Creativity is key here!

Once you open the red room within your own bedroom, it’s all out of your hands. Submit yourself to your partner and let UR provocative pleasure begin.

Chantal McCulligh
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