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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about all the sweet, sensual and naughty things that’ll make this February 14th unforgettable. From couples’ toys to surprise pleasure boxes and so much more – oh so much more, Ella Paradis has everything you need to turn up the heat in between the sheets this V-day.

1. Collaborate Your Bodies with Couples Toys

Couples toys are an excellent way to enjoy the sensations of the Valentine’s Day celebration together as one. With toys such as Lelo’s Lyla 2 couples vibrator, you can instantly enhance the sex without having to put in any extra work or creativity.

The Lyla 2 is worn internally during intercourse and sends all kinds of tantalizing sensations to both you and your partner. So, even if you’re having the same old kind-of-sex that you and your partner are used to having, this couples vibrator is certain to spice things up for Valentine’s Day.

Now, for the promiscuous couples out there who want more than just one sensation, the UR Pleasure Box for Couples is definitely a must. It comes with a variety of toys with a total value of $207 – and only costs $139.

2. Vibrating Panties For Vibes All Night Long

Being sexy is so much more fun than being nice – and vibrating panties are the perfect way to channel your inner sex kitten this Valentine’s Day. With the OhMiBod Bluetooth Panty Vibrator, you can turn any piece of lingerie into a thunderous sex toy. With the simple click of a button on your iPhone or Android, you can enjoy your Valentine’s dinner and date like never before.

3. G-Spot Orgasms

Move over, clitoral orgasms! This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a standing O-vation, courtesy of a thunderous, toe-curling G-spot orgasm. But there’s a catch – achieving a G-spot orgasm is hard to do without a toy. So, gift yourself with a G-spot vibrator and let the toy do the hard work for you. Just sit back, relax and prepare for leg-shaking, breath-taking orgasms. It’s the gift that keeps giving and your Valentine’s date certainly won’t have any complaints with you gifting for yourself this year.

4. A Little BDSM

You might as well start Valentine’s Day off with a bang – pun intended. After all, you’ve spent the past few years reading all about Christian Grey and it’s about time you put your newfound knowledge into action.

Now, Christian Grey liked his play intense which can be intimidating if you’re new to BDSM. So, don’t be deterred –  it doesn’t have to be all whips and chains. Instead, start your BDSM desires off with a little spank combined with romance. The 5 Piece Bed of Roses Playtime Gift Set has everything you need to indulge in 50 Shades of Grey just a little bit.

5. A Treat That Replaces Dessert

You’ve heard all about edible panties but have you heard of edible nipple tassels? This unique adult toy accessory can be the perfect treat to enjoy after your Valentine’s Day dinner. Plus, who doesn’t love some candy?

Cater to your partner’s sweet tooth with candy nipple tassels, a little lap dance and a whole lot of delicious flavors that are certain to lead to even more treats later on.

With these mind-blowing, toe-curling, tantalizing adult toys, this Valentine’s Day is certain to be one you never forget. Ella Paradise has everything you need to put a sexy spin on February 14th.

Chantal McCulligh
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