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5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

So, you found the one. And you couldn’t be happier…or could you? Every relationship has its peaks and valleys, but you can be prepared for the valleys by stocking up this season on some hot and heavy, one-on-one couple toys and goodies that are sure to re-ignite the blissful glow…and maybe even bring on some cuddles after!

#1 Couple Vibrators

5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

Achieve the ultimate intimacy by introducing Couple Vibrators into the bedroom. Take control and give your partner pleasure with a touch of your finger with a toy like the JimmyJane Hello Touch. Or take sex to the next level by introducing a toy like the We-Vibe 4which can be inserted during sex to enhance the experience for both parties. 

#2 Sets & Boxes

5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

The bedroom will never be a boring place again once you decide to add a new couple’s sensual box set into the mix. These box sets include a well-balanced mixture of toys, massage oils, sensual candles, and many other secret surprises that you and bae will have a blast discovering together. No matter what your preferences, needs, or desires, you can always find a box set that fits you and your partner to a tee. 

#3 C-Rings

5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

The perfect couple’s pleasure toy, the c-ring comfortably restricts blood flow at the base of the penis so his erection is much harder and lasts much longer while vibration enhances both his and her pleasure. Um, can you say win-win?

#4 Anal Toys

5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

For anyone who’s experienced anal pleasure, you know exactly why anal toys can be a fun and exciting way to spice up your bedroom play time. With anal toys specifically engineered for her, such as the Double Trouble, and others made just for him, like the 10 Function Self-Pleasing P-spot massager, everyone can get just what he/she wants. And the best part is, you can do it together!

#5 Couple Games

5 Sex Tips Every Couples Should Try

Couple games take bedroom fun to a whole new level. Spice things up with a sexy teasing game or get close and cuddly with a romantic and sensual game. Clear both your schedules, shut out the rest of the world, and spend some time getting hot and bothered together.

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