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There’s nothing like leaving a sex toy out for all to see – and it happens way more than you think. Just look at all those viral photos of people not paying attention to the items hiding in the backgrounds of their selfies. So, let’s make sure your sex toys don’t end up being the next most popular meme on the internet. Here are the best spots for secretly and safely storing your adult sex toys.  

Love To Love - Secret Box - Black

Love To Love - Secret Box - Black - Toy Storage

Love to Love Secret Box. Sextoys are entitled to special attention, which is...

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1. For times when you’re traveling with your adult toys

Anyone who has ever traveled with a sex toy in their suitcase knows the fear that comes along with it. With the heightened security at every airport and border crossing, it isn’t all that unlikely that a TSA agent will stumble across your sex toys as they’re screening your luggage. But that doesn’t mean you have to travel without either. You just need a discreet sex toy storage container that’ll keep your sexy toys a secret.



Home Play UV Cleaner - Large


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2. An adult toy storage box with hygiene in mind

After a messy session in between the sheets, it’s important to give your toys a thorough clean. However, your sex toys will collect dust and dirt in between uses and the last thing you want to do when you’re in the mood is clean them. So, use the UVEE Home Play Toy Cleaner to keep your toys clean at all times. The cleaner will eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria in just 10 minutes using UV-C patent pending sanitizing process, allowing you to use your toys as soon as you desire.



The Toy Chest - Lockable Vibrator Case - Black

The Toy Chest - Lockable Vibrator Case - Black - Toy Storage

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3. The disguise-able toy chest vibrator case that fools everyone

To everyone else, the toy check vibrator case will look like any ole’ storage container but to you, you know it’s secret contents – and a secret, they shall remain. The Toy Chest sex toy storage is a large lockable trunk that uses a combination lock to keep sexy secrets hidden inside.



The Toy Chest - Large Lockable Vibrator Case - Pink

The Toy Chest - Large Lockable Vibrator Case - Pink - Toy Storage

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4. A larger love box storage that locks away your sex toys

Keep your adult toys off of display with a luxury love box. The Secret Box comes with an inconspicuous look and a coded padlock, so you can keep your secrets stored away. Covered in velvet and lined in satin, this is one adult storage box that is just as chic as it is discreet.



Holistic - Sneaky Sack - Black

Holistic - Sneaky Sack - Black - Toy Storage

The Sneaky Sack is a discreet storage bag that is the best place for hiding your...

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5. A sneaky adult toy storage sack

If you only have a vibrator or a couple of lube bottles hanging around, there’s no need for a giant adult toy storage box. Instead, you just need a convenient place to keep your items out of view, but within easy reach. The stylish design of Holistic Sneaky Sack is a cute and unassuming way to store your unmentionables in a closet.  Hang the Sneaky Sack in your closet, stuff your go-time items like toys, lubes, condoms, etc. in the large sealable pouch, and hang an article of clothing (like a shirt) on the same hanger. POOF! Your secret is safe and secure!

The key to keeping your sex toys a secret – or at least – away from prying eyes is to have sex storage boxes that are indiscreet. So, stop tossing your vibrator in your bedside table or letting your lubes spill out from under your bed. Store them in a sexy storage box and no one will ever know what’s secrets you have hidden.

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