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pleasurable touch

Let’s amp up your pleasure! The female body is full of erotic areas that’ll instantly spark some excitement but we aren’t talking about the obvious. While the nipples, clitoris, anus, and vagina are all popular areas, the secrets to ultimate pleasure and orgasms may be hidden elsewhere. Here are the best places to explore on the body female for a O-utstanding experience.

pleasurable touch


The external points of arousal

On the outside of the body, you’ll find the most obvious pleasure zones but don’t skip over this section. We aren’t talking about the vagina, nipples and anus here. Instead, it’s all about the secret spots that will enhance your arousal and sexual satisfaction.


The C-Spot

The c-spot, clitoris, pea in the pod, clit – whatever you want to call it – is the hidden gem on the female body. Send some sensations this way, and you’re bound to have a standing O-vation. The clit has over 800 sensitive nerve endings, so narrow in on this area during foreplay and your orgasm will be grand once you reach your peak. Try a clit stimulator to really get things going.


The U-Spot

Yes, there’s such thing as a U-spot. This is the area that circles the urethra opening and it’s often forgotten when it comes to pleasure. However, when this upside-down U (yes, your pee hole) is stimulated properly – and lightly, it can result in powerful pleasure that’ll send you into a toe-curling orgasm. It can even result in female ejaculation or what is commonly known as ‘squirting’. So, lightly touch this area during foreplay – the urethra opening loves oral – and prepare for an entirely different kind of orgasm.


The internal points of pleasure

Recently, the internal points of pleasure on the female’s body has become quite popular. It seems everyone wants to try the new g-spot orgasm and these are the areas to stimulate to do just that.

Gigi-2 vibrator

The G-Spot

Definitely the most commonly explored area inside the body is the G-spot. It can be found on the opposite side of your clitoris about two inches in and up in the vagina. When pressed on, the G-spot can send you into gushing female ejaculation.

Unfortunately, this area is a little more difficult to penetrate. So, toys such as the new Lelo Gigi vibrator that are designed to reach this pleasure point are highly recommended.


The PS-Spot

Once you know where your G-spot is, you can easily find the next internal pleasure point – the PS Spot. This is located inside the vagina on the back way, opposite to the G-spot and can be stimulated both internally and externally. So, steer your partner towards the area between your vagina and anus, and flip the fingers to penetrate the other side of your vaginal wall. The thunderous orgasm that follows may surprise you – in all the right ways, of course.


The A-Spot

The A-Spot is at the top of the vagina canal, located higher than the G-spot. It’s believed to provide better orgasms than the G-spot, along with multiple orgasms and female ejaculation. You just can’t go wrong with that.

You can find it by inserting your fingers 3 to 4 inches inside the vagina and at the back wall. It’s similar to the PS-Spot, only deeper. So, use your adult toys, partner or fingers to explore this area. Once you find a smooth ridge with a groove, you’ve found it!


Explore beyond the obvious pleasure points because the female body is full of surprises!


Chantal McCulligh
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