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Whether you’re quarantined alone or with your partner, it can be difficult to keep your sex life interesting while stuck at home, especially during these stressful and uncertain times. However, maintaining a healthy sex life is an important part of your overwell well-being, as it can boost your mood and improve intimacy. So, you should never let your sex life take a back seat to everything else in your life. If you’re not sure how to rekindle the spark of your sex life then here are 4 ways to keep the magic alive during quarantine. 

Make The Effort 

It can be easy to fall into a routine now that quarantine has limited your date night options, which can make things feel stagnant if you’re not cautious. Use this time to lay the groundwork and discover what aspects of your relationship needs to be improved, this can be beneficial to improving your sex life and create sexual longing. 

If you’re shacking up with your partner or your friends with benefits, dedicate a day to each other’s favorite activities. If your partner loves to paint then suggest spending a day painting each other’s bodies. Although it may be comfortable, wearing your favorite junk food-stained sweatpants every day might have you less than enthusiastic to the thought of someone ripping your clothes off. 

Feeling good about yourself is an important aspect of your sex life, whether that means slipping into your favorite lingerie or wearing nothing at all. Feeling sexy and confident will translate in person or through a screen, so don’t be afraid to put that extra effort into whatever helps you. 


Be Vocal With Your Needs

Communication is one of the most essential parts of maintaining an active and healthy sex life.  If you’re quarantined with your partner or friend with benefits then don’t let the fire die out by discussing your wants and needs. 

Talking to your partner about sex can be uncomfortable for many, however, it can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Especially if this is the first time you and your boo are spending extended time together. Use this time to experiment with your sex life by incorporating sex toys that can help enhance things even via video chat.

Including sex toys can be the ultimate foreplay technique to increase pleasure for both you and your partner. Role-playing is another fun way to build-up sexual tension and shake things up by involving sexual fantasies in a safe and respected space. Don’t be afraid to talk about what feels good and what doesn’t because it will only get you in touch with your sexuality even further. 


Keep Your Phone Close

Whether you’re in a long term relationship or have just begun seeing someone, it can be a challenge coming up with ways to spice up your phone calls. Days begin to feel mundane and if you’re quarantining away from your partner, you might be anxious that your everyday conversations are lacking in intimacy. This is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

Your phone is your best friend during quarantine, so use it throughout the day to reassure your partner you’re thinking about them and create some sexual buildup. Sexting is a playful and intimate way to stay connected while keeping sex on the mind. Sext throughout the day to show your partner how much you want them, using pictures or steamy messages. 

If you’re looking to trade in traditional phone sex for something more stimulating then try video chat sex to step things up. Although daunting at first, video chat sex can increase intimacy and help communicate your turn-ons. If you’re not sure how to get started then suggest a sexy game, like strip never have I ever to ease in with comfort. 


Get Ready For Reconnection 

Although there is no exact date to when life will get back to normal, the good news is that it won’t last forever! So prepare yourself to re-enter the world and get your sex life back on track. Create a sex to-do list to get things started right out of the gate, and help get you and your partner back in-sync. Simply making a plan of having physical sex will make the wait so much more worth it. 

If you’re feeling anxious about rekindling things with that special someone then considering talking to a virtual sex coach, to talk through any sexual performance anxieties. You can also consider connecting with a telemedicine company that can prescribe a daily erectile dysfunction treatment like, Cialis, which will help you achieve an erection whenever or wherever you are. 

Don’t let quarantine keep you and your partner sex-deprived. There are many ways to keep your sex life alive while practicing social distancing. Whether you do through self-pleasure or simply through sexting, prioritizing your sex life can help reduce stress and improve overall mental health. Use this time to get in touch with your own sexuality and help yourself feel comfortable with your own body. 


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