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4 Vibrators Every Woman Should Own

Here’s an alarming statistic: Only 3 in 10 women over 40 years old make time to masturbate more than once a month. Sure, we women are busy creatures. But if investing in ourselves is the best way towards success, shouldn’t this encompass physical self-love, too?

You don’t have to book an expensive wellness holiday to boost your body and soul’s morale. From simple things like time for a warm bath, a healing tea, or a good massage, it’s all about the daily pleasures you allow yourself to enjoy. Scientists have long proven that masturbation improves circulation while decreasing blood pressure levels while releasing endorphins needed to feel happy and fight stress. The rise of oxytocin levels during orgasm are healthy and a natural way of helping the body cope with daily stress. So, using a vibrator really does have multiple health benefits.

Having a vibrator handy is a great way to ensure your pleasure while masturbating. But with so many toys to choose from–G-spot Vibrators to Wand Vibrators and anal toys, which ones are essential? Because variety is the spice of life, here are the best ones to try—each one is unique in its own way, and you should own at least one type–if not more.

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1.  A Clitoral Stimulation Vibrator

The clitoris is that magic spot that responds well to most types of stimulation. Though it may be a tiny glans, it contains about 8,000 nerve endings. When stimulated, it sends out those feel-good sensations to 15,000 other nerves in your pelvis. Talk about a powerhouse of pleasure! If you haven’t discovered this sensation, it’s about time.

But here’s the thing: because the clitoris is so powerful, your toy doesn’t have to be huge or awkward. In fact, most Clitoral Stimulators are created compact and, shall we say, user-friendly. Usually, they are smaller than other vibrators and give you direct stimulation. Try to experiment with different types and sizes; find out what you prefer. Bigger ones can be used for partner play, while smaller ones stimulate other body parts such as nipples and even testicles.

If you’re just starting out and want something discreet and beautiful, we recommend the Luxury Pret-A-Porter – Rose Gold Leather by Satisfyer. It looks and feels luxurious, like a treasured gem. This glamorous toy is rechargeable and will function on multiple speeds. At just barely a whisper of noise, it offers Pressure Wave Simulation and contact-less clitoral stimulation.

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2.  A G-Spot Vibrator

By now, everyone’s heard about the elusive G-spot. But do you know how to locate your own? Don’t worry—not very woman can. And those who claim to have had plenty of practice. Most gals, even if they know about its existence, have trouble getting to it. Which is when G-Spot Vibrators come in super handy. With curves that contour to your body’s inner shape, flexible and angled heads, you don’t have to worry about not targeting that zone.

Remember: the G-spot isn’t really a single organ. Think of it as the hot-spot of nerves, usually found two or three inches higher than your vagina, on the front wall, near your belly button. Some people can reach the slightly padded area there with their fingers, and this causes waves of pleasure. But again–if you’re not one of those people, don’t worry. Simply stimulate it using any one of these G-spot vibrators. A great choice is the Better Silky G-Spot Vibrator, which penetrates wonderfully. Plus, it’s discreet and pretty, making it the essential travel companion!

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3.  A Waterproof Vibrator

There’s something amazingly sensual about pleasuring yourself when your entire body is already wet. You get a silky, soothing feeling when relaxing in the tub. Now, whether you choose to use your own fingers, a partner’s, or a toy is your choice. Just make sure that the vibrator you take to the bath with you is waterproof!

May we recommend the We-Vibe Tango? It might not look like much, given its compact size. But that’s what makes it genius. It’s a mini powerhouse. If you’re you’re just starting to experiment playing with a lover, the Partner Whale Couples Vibrator by Satisfyer is a good choice. Waterproof and unfussy, it’s U-shaped for dual clitoral and G-spot arousal. Get ready for lots of fun with its 11 vibration patterns.

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4.  A Multiple-Point-Stimulator Vibrator

By now, you know that your body has hot-spots on the inside and on the outside. So your tools should target you in a multi-dimensional way. Having a vibrator that hits internally and externally makes sex with yourself or with a partner so much more stimulating!

There are many women who can’t get aroused unless more than one zone is stimulated. If this is the case with your body, it’s completely normal. A rabbit vibrator should be your go-to toy. While the bulk of the vibrator is inserted, its rabbit “ears” caress your clitoris, stimulating your entire vagina in multiple ways. It’s no wonder that when the rabbit vibrators were first introduced on the market, they became such a hit. Vibes like these also take a lot of the pressure off of your partner. They help him or her stimulate you without the fear that they’re hitting the “wrong” spot, or that you’ll end up disappointed.

Ella’s First Rabbit Vibrator gives you options for lots of different styles and colors. With multiple rotation speeds and 12 variable vibration modes, you’ll be giving your G-Spot and your clitoris the kind of pleasure your body truly deserves.

Once you’ve experimented with the above four types of vibrators, don’t be afraid to take risks and try other new toys! Talk with your partner about which ones you enjoyed, and why. Get to know their preferences, and don’t be afraid to incorporate new toys into sex. Because you never know how good it can be, until you try.

Remember: being a better lover means being a more daring player. Know your tools, own your confidence, and get ready to discover your favorite game-changers!

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