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A high-powered sex-machine can be the most powerful pleasure tool you own. It should satisfy your need for excitement, adventure, and intimate pleasure all at once. While it can be fun, and get you in the mood for intimacy, it should never be intimidating or scary. 

You may already be familiar with vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys in our Ella Paradis catalog, but are you still a bit unsure when it comes to the bigger sex machines? That’s completely normal. They can take some getting used to, and even wrapping your head around the idea of buying and using one can be the first challenge.

Your Guide to Purchasing Sex Machines and Toys

If you are on the market for one (or a few) amazing sex machine, follow this guide to make the best purchasing decisions.

Sex Machines: A Short History

Sex machines are nothing new. Just look at the jade and bronze butt plug, discovered in a Chinese Royal’s tomb, and dated about 2000 years old. Some believed that these sculptures which mimicked the body’s sexual organs could help preserve Chi, or the body’s positive life-giving energy. 

One of the first known sex machines backed by science was a steam-powered Manipulator. Hand-cranked, because this was before the invention of electricity. You may recall it being used in the film Hysteria, to show how American physician George Taylor used it help heal women who were suffering sexual frustration.

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The vibrator, as we know it today, didn’t make a grand appearance until the ’80s, when Vibratex, a Japanese sex toy company introduced The Rabbit to the world. Now, there are all types of variations of this, including rotating vibes and high-tech sex toys that are remote-controlled and even work using Artificial Intelligence, adapting to your mood and personality.

A great sex machine can be considered on par with luxury furniture. It does a bulk of the work for you and leaves your hands or other body parts free to pleasure yourself, or your partner. But sex machines also come in handy for singles or couples who are physically challenged. More than just making the moment fun, they can be empowering and relaxing for those who are not able to be as mobile.

How to Choose a Sex Machine 

The question on everyone’s mind is often, “How do I know which one sex machine is going to give me the pleasure I expect?” There are three main things to consider: Usability, Manufacturing Quality, and Budget.


The first thing to consider when buying any type of sex machine is to ask yourself what you need it to do, how, and when.

For example, perhaps you are looking for more thrust, more force. Some machines are designed to retract and expand automatically, when charged. This means that even when you have less energy on an intimate night, you’ll still get—and give—more than enough pleasure. 

Try: Lovebotz Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed

Speaking of thrust, this Sex Machine is no joke. It has a speed of up to 2000 RPMs, and features a Vaccum Lock & Grip. 

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Manufacturing Quality

Next, check the manufacturing quality. You aren’t just making any old purchase, or impulse shopping. You want to think of it as an investment in you, your pleasure, and your future satisfaction. That said, look for manufacturers who have proven reliable. Check reviews and ratings, do your research and don’t be afraid to ask others who have been there, done that. 

Try: The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

This is the one sex machine that ticks all the top-quality boxes. It’s a popular luxury sex machine that is controlled by remote as well as a smarthphone app. Its elegant handcrafted Saddle Seat is Slip Resistant, with a silicone base and durable handles. And get this: It can be Controlled from Anywhere in the World! (LDR couples, are you thinking what we’re thinking?) 


 Lastly, consider your budget. Instead of splurging one sex machine that you may or may not end up using, try to purchase a “trial machine” first. Perhaps one that is less costly and smaller, but will give you a good introduction and help you decide on your next luxury sex toy investment. You can test-run your first purchase, and then make a better-informed decision when purchasing more sex machines. 

The Dicktator Extreme is one of the most budget-friendly sex machines on our list. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on pleasure. It’s ultra-versatile, with multi-speeds, and multi-patterns, for when you have the energy to fully explore! Its Mounting Arm is adjustable, making it easy for people of all sizes and shapes. Quality-wise, you can’t go wrong with the durable steel frame. 

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Another option, if you have a bigger budget to spend, is the Lovebotz Saddle Deluxe. This one is guaranteed to give you mind-blowing orgasms. Six different intense vibration speeds & pulsations, and six inches of thrust all remote-controlled! 

Experimenting with the Right Tools for Sexual Intimacy

There are many ways to enjoy sex with your partner, or with yourself. Having a machine to take things to the next level is a great way to bring super-charge the erotic pleasure in your bedroom. 

If there is a good sex toy shop where you live, it helps to talk to a seller there to find out about all the features of the machines, and choose one that is right for you. Having a conversation in-person is often the best way to make an informed purchase. But if you prefer to shop discreetly and buy your toys online, you can do so anonymously and still find a perfect plaything. 

Want to discover more? Have a look at all the other fun sex machines and toys available on Ella Paradis, plus our relationship, sex and lifestyle stories. 

Remember, healthy sexual life involves no shame. When you are able to find a partner with whom you can reveal your most intimate desires, wishes, even expectations or fears, that is true erotic intimacy.

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