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Just when you think your fun has to end before it even begins because you’ve run out of lube, you stumble across this article. While some of the best lubricants certainly come in a bottle, there are just as many natural substances that can fill in when the bottle runs dry.  The best part? All four of these frisky natural lube alternatives can be found in your household right now. So, there’s no need to run to the grocery store or delay your wild fun any longer. All you have to do is pull these natural lubes out of the pantry.

1. Using Coconut Oil as Lube

Coconut oil has been a hot topic for the past couple of years – and for many great reasons. Not only can you use it well throughout your house, a thousand times over again but it’s also an excellent natural lubricant for the bedroom. Coconut oil comes in many different forms, all of which can be used as lube assuming it’s 100% natural. However, refrain from using coconut oil with latex condoms as it’ll weaken the material, increasing the risk of breakage.

2. Aloe Vera – Another Unlikely Lubricant 

There’s nothing aloe vera isn’t good for – your sexual pleasure included. So, keep an aloe vera plant in your household. You’ll always have a reason to snip off a piece and squeeze out the goodness found inside.

If you don’t have an aloe vera plant, there are many aloe varieties you likely have around your house, whether it’s sunburn relief gel or stomach ache treatment. Just make sure it’s 100% aloe vera so you don’t mess up your vagina’s pH balance.

3. Can You Really Use Egg Whites as Lube? 

When you think of sexy, egg whites are likely the last thing that comes to mind. However, when in a pinch, egg whites can be used as a natural lubricant in between the sheets. Mind you, this alternative is bound to be a little messy. So, you might want to keep it in the kitchen, or shower, dining room table – whatever your appetite calls for. And we’re not talking about food.

Oh, and if you’re not interested in conceiving, you might want to skip over this lube alternative as it’s an old wives’ tale believed to increase the chances of weak sperm reaching the finish line.

4. Plain Yogurt

Your lady bits and yogurt likely aren’t two things you often think about in the same sentence. That is unless you’re in dire need of some lubricant! As long as the yogurt is non-flavoured and good quality (no cheap stuff from the dollar store), then it can be used as a natural lubricant. Like the prior, it is going to be fairly messy. So, you might want to keep this sex session outside of the bedroom and explore the delicious possibilities within your household.

This natural lube alternative is also incredibly healthy for your vagina and can even cure any yeast or candida overgrowth happening down below.

It’s tempting to grab whatever substance you can find when you’re in the mood and can’t squeeze a drop out of your lube bottle. However, it’s imperative to your health – and pleasure – to stick with the healthy, 100% pure, natural alternatives mentioned here.

Chantal McCulligh
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