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Support Black-Owned Business

Conscious shopping requires you to be considerate of many different things. 

From the ethics and sustainability of the companies you purchase from to the demographics of businesses and the communities they serve, there is plenty for you to understand before closing out your cart. 

Backing Black-Owned Businesses

Political movements, the media and community activists have all contributed to increased awareness around what it means to be Black in America. And while there is not one narrative for the Black American experience, the systemic barriers and discriminatory practices at play have done everything but create a level playing field. 

That’s where you come in. 

As a consumer, shopping at Black-owned businesses is just one tiny action you can take to support the Black community. 

But don’t be fooled… something as simple as purchasing from Black-owned businesses can pack a serious punch. By doing so, you contribute to positive shifts in your economy and community, one purchase at a time.  

Benefits of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses 

1. Boost Local Economies & Support Job Creation 

The success of small communities is dependent on the success of small businesses. 

It is important to acknowledge the unique barriers that small Black-owned businesses face, with one of the greatest challenges being qualifying and securing loans. In fact, a 2019 study by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition revealed a “troubling pattern of disinvestment and discouragement to small business as a whole and inequitable treatment for Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs in particular.”  

So by shopping at Black-owned businesses, you strengthen the local economy and support the economic wellbeing of Black business owners, their employees and their families. 

Furthermore, the challenges that Black business owners face when applying for a loan often result in self-funded ventures. When a lack of capital is the reality, businesses are not able to invest in additional employees to support the success of their companies. 

Keep this in mind when you shop, and know that the dollars you put in the pockets of Black-owned businesses may create new opportunities for hiring.  

2. Close the Racial Wealth Gap 

The racial wealth gap is not new. Since segregated America, there have been profound divides between white and Black Americans in job pay, home ownership and other wealth building opportunities. 

By supporting Black-owned businesses, you financially support Black entrepreneurs and create more opportunities for them to generate savings, credit, and ownership. Your purchases from Black-owned businesses also contribute to the the growth of generational wealth in Black communities, an opportunity that has rarely existed for non-white Americans due to racist and discriminatory, systemic practices. 

3. Divert Your Dollar 

There are some big companies that do good… 

… and there are some big companies that do not. 

In recent years, the media have played a critical role in highlighting the inequitable, unsustainable and problematic practices of many big-name organizations. However, many consumers, even when they are aware of unfavorable actions of larger corporations, continue to shop at those same places due to convenience. 

It is time to retire this passive consumer mindset. Divert your dollar and support the small businesses that are putting their best foot forward. By building consumer relationships with Black-owned businesses, you empower them, while simultaneously showing the corporate world that your spend is not suited to support inequitable business practices. 

4. Celebrate & Empower Black Culture 

One of the best ways to celebrate and empower Black culture is to support Black-owned businesses themselves. 

Whether you are grabbing lunch out, shopping for home décor or searching for a new sex toy, locate Black-owned business near you and uplift the Black community and culture through your purchases. 

4 Black-Owned Sexual Wellness Brands to Support 

1. Enby.

Enby is a Black/Trans owned sexual wellness company. They believe that every body, regardless of color, size, gender and sexuality, deserve affirmation and pleasure. Additionally, Enby is aware of the unique barriers that the Queer community encounters when shopping for sexual wellness products. Their understanding and proximity to this particular Queer experience is what fueled Enby’s mission to create a safer, more inclusive shopping experience for gender non-conforming, non-binary, and trans people, in addition to all other queer identities. 

2. The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Company is a Black, female-owned sexual wellness company that provides plant-based personal hygiene, menstrual, and maternity products for any human with a vagina. Their products liberate you from harmful chemicals and toxins, and leave you feeling fresh and fearless. And not to mention, all Honey Pot products are clinically tested, gynecologist-approved, recyclable and cruelty free. 

3. Sex on the Table 

Sex on the Table is a Black-owned sexual wellness company on a mission to empower the millennial generation to explore sex, love and relationships in a healthy way. They do so through education, advocacy and a diverse selection of sex toys. With inclusivity and sexual liberation at their core, Sex on the Table is paving the way to a sex-positive future for all. 

4. Overkink 

Overkink is an adult toy company that is founded and owned by Jaycee Chester, a Black female who aims to promote self-love, safe sex and sex-positivity in the Black community. By providing a safe shopping experience and numerous sex education resources, Overkink creates special opportunities for people to pursue sexual exploration with confidence.

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