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One of the best parts of the World Cup? Picking out the hottest guys on the teams and we are all about that international love! We selected some of the most attractive soccer players across the globe that will be getting hot and sweaty for the World Cup.

James Rodriguez

1. James Rodriguez – Colombia

Colombia’s team has a lot of hotties on there but James Rodriguez’ baby face is irresistible. Outside of the World Cup, James plays for Bayern Munchen in Germany. This has been his first season with Bayern Munchen after having three seasons with Real Madrid. As far as we know he could be single so start working on your Spanish!   

Sergio Agüero

2. Sergio Agüero – Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful place and so are the men! Sergio Aguero is a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and Argentine’s national team. His soccer career really took off when he was 15 years old, breaking the record of being the youngest debutant in the Argentine Premier League Independiente. Ironically enough his former father-in-law, Diego Maradona, had previously held that record.  

Gerard Piqué

3. Gerard Piqué – Spain

If Gerard didn’t make our list we would have been out of our minds. He is the epitome of tall, dark, and oh so handsome. He is currently playing as a center-back for Spain’s national team Barcelona. We have to say that Shakira is the luckiest woman alive to have Gerard as her partner since 2011. He must have discovered that her hips really don’t lie.

Tomás Rincón

4. Tomás Rincón – Venezuela

We think you’re seeing a trend here… Spain and South America’s national teams have been blessed with these hot soccer players. Tomas is the captain of Venezuela’s national team, you can also find him in Italy as a defensive midfielder for Italian club Torino. Off the field, he’s a hot dad with two kids and a gorgeous wife. He may be taken but you can still dream about him! We have a few suggestions on how to make those dreams realities with some of our bestselling sex toys. Between being a family guy and a gorgeous smile you can see for miles, we think he might be the full package.

Olivier Giroud

5. Olivier Giroud – France

Les vie est belle in France and Olivier Giroud makes it so much sweeter. With a strong beard game and sexy accent, he couldn’t get any better. He’s got the looks and the success in his soccer career. Olivier is ranked number four for most goals scored for France’s national team. He is also known for being one of the highest paying soccer players.

Jackson Irvine

6. Jackson Irvine – Australia

We are going down under with Australian Jackson Irvine! The 25-year-old hunk with long rockstar hair is also a musician. In an interview, he said if he wasn’t playing soccer then he would be traveling the world with his guitar. Jackson is clearly not your average soccer hunk. He is the first from Hull City to be on the roster for Australia’s national team and we’ll be seeing him work it on the field in Russia.   

Lasse Schone

7. Lasse Schone – Denmark

We’re sold on Danish soccer player Lasse Schone, the midfielder is a total knockout! From his blue eyes to his full beard and brown hair, his wife is one lucky lady. While he’s out on the field we think she might get lucky when he’s gone too with The Womanizer Pro. Lasse has been playing for Ajax since 2012 and was recognized by the club and fans as player of the year in 2014. He recently signed a new contract with Ajax lasting until Summer of 2019. Talk about loyalty to your club! The Ajax veteran will be playing on Denmark’s national team at the World Cup.

Alex Iwobi

8. Alex Iwobi – Nigeria

Spicing things up in Nigeria is Alex Iwobi! When it comes to soccer, it runs in the family. Alex’s Uncle, Jay-Jay Okocha, also used to play for Nigeria’s national team. The young soccer player also plays for premier club Arsenal. In 2016, he was awarded Youth Player of the Year at the Confederation of African Football awards. He may be young but he’s only going to get hotter from here.  

Mario Gomez

9. Mario Gomez – Germany

Mario is a hot German with Spanish roots, great combo right? Germany’s striker started his soccer career at 13 years old and had already received an offer from a local club in Stuttgart but declined because he thought it was too soon to leave home. Aw, a hottie and a family man! His soccer career flourished when he was voted for Germany’s Football Player of the Year in 2007.

Mateo Kovačić

10. Mateo Kovačić – Croatia

The Real Madrid midfielder will be getting hot and sweaty on the field this year for Croatia’s national team. This will be the 24-year-old’s second World Cup with Croatia and we must say, we can’t wait to see him work up a sweat. His professional career took off at the age of 16 with Dinamo Zagreb, a professional club in Croatia, where he won two consecutive league titles. After the 2014 season, he then moved to Real Madrid bringing in three Champions League with his team.  

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek – England

Across the pond is young, sexy Ruben Loftus-Cheek. An English professional soccer player for Chelsea and England’s national team. He has been compared to one of our other hotties, James Rodriguez, speculating that he will follow suit on a similar path of success. This will be Ruben’s first World Cup and it’s his time to shine and see where his soccer career takes him. We’ll be cheering him on!

André Silva

12. André Silva – Portugal

Portugal’s national team made a great decision choosing Andre Silva as a striker. He’s striking us with his good looks! The Portuguese player has an opportunity to show off his skills at the World Cup this year. In October 2016 he scored three goals in 25 minutes and is known to be the youngest Portuguese player to do this for his national team.  

Yannick Ferreira Carrasco

13. Yannick Ferreira Carrasco – Belgium

Although he recently transferred from Athletico Madrid to China’s super league Dalian Yifang, this Belgium hottie will still represent and play winger for Belgium in the World Cup. We think Athletico Madrid might be a little salty seeing Yannick go but we would too! His career started with Monaco where he scores 20 goals in 105 games and winning Ligue 2 during his first season.  

Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh

14. Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh – Iran

Things keep heating up and Iranian defender Mohammad has us going head over heels for him. Saying he’s tall, dark, and handsome would be an understatement for this beautiful man. You can also find him working it out on the field with the Persian Gulf Pro League Padideh.

Kristoffer Nordfeldt

15. Kristoffer Nordfeldt – Sweden

The oh so sexy Swedish soccer player Kristoffer Nordfeldt makes our list with his irresistible smolder. He’s the goalkeeper for championship club Swansea City and will be swooning us over at the World Cup with Sweden’s national team.

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