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Peter Piper had a pecker, but he also had a prostate.

When pleasuring your lover, you may find that most of your time is spent stimulating the penis and scrotum. These tried and true areas are guaranteed to arouse you and your partner, but are they the only way to satisfy him? While these are excellent places to start, there are other important erogenous zones on the male body that go largely ignored and deserve more attention.

Introducing the prostate, a walnut-sized gland mainly known for being the engine behind sperm production and release. Its important functions shouldn’t overshadow its hidden pleasurable benefit, yet prostate stimulation isn’t as common knowledge as we believe it should be.

Safely tucked between the bladder and the penis and resting on top of the rectum, the prostate can be an excellent source of satisfaction for men. With guided tools and an open mind, you can learn new ways to arouse and excite your partner.

Where is the P-spot?

Because this erogenous zone can’t be seen with the naked eye and is difficult to locate even during arousal, the prostate tends to be forgotten, usurped by the popularity of the penis. If you’re in the mood for a different kind of thrill, prostate play may be just the ticket you’re looking for.

Known as the male G-spot, the P-spot can be targeted internally with anal insertion, or externally, with perineum arousal. Pay attention to the soft, malleable areas around the balls, applying gradual pressure with your tongue or hands. As you continue to stimulate the zone, make sure to communicate with your partner to ensure they feel comfortable and are enjoying the sensations. Its high level of sensitivity can elicit inexplicable satisfaction, and lead to an extraordinary climax that doesn’t involve sperm release.

How to Have a Prostate Orgasm

Unique in its sensations and climax, prostate orgasms don’t rely on ejaculation and can occur multiple times during intimate play without any recovery time. By inserting a finger or two a few inches into the anus, you’ll be able to target the prostate effectively. With a sensual come hither motion, bend your fingers towards his belly button for accurate penetration.

You can also arouse the gland from the outside, focusing your attention on the perineum, the surface region between the anus and penis. When aroused, the prostate will swell and feel somewhat textured, letting you know that you’ve reached his sweet spot.

Aside from finger stimulation, sex toys can also be great devices to use during prostate exploration. Curved and ergonomically shaped, prostate toys are designed to accurately target the area for maximum comfort and ultimate satisfaction. Vibrating toys are also great accessories that come in handy when you want to combine prostate with scrotal or even oral stimulation.

By now you’re probably itching to try out some new moves, and we’ve rounded up the top 13 best prostate toys to help get you started. Even if you’re new to P-spot stimulation or have been a prostate player your whole sexual career, these highly rated prostate massagers will usher you into the world of unique pleasure.

Best for Couples

b-Vibe Rimming Plug

B-Vibe Rimming Plug

Its rotating beads and powerful stimulating tip makes this silicone vibrator excellent for couples play and single solo time. Stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in the anus, the textured beads send chills up your spine while the vibrating tip targets the prostate with ease. Choose how you want to play by using the wireless remote which can arouse your lover from up to 30 feet away.

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Je Joue - Nuo

Je Joue Nuo

Soon to be your next favorite couples toy, the Nuo is perfect for long distance play and multiple sensations. With 2 independent motors that can be controlled via the Je Joue app, the flexible silicone body melds with your body movements for a snug comfortable fit and maximum satisfaction. Perfect for him or her, this device can smoothly tap into various erogenous zones.

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Je Joue - Nuo

Vedo Cowboy

Get ready for a wild ride! With its dual motor that can be independently controlled by a remote control, the Vedo Cowboy is an awesome toy for beginners looking for excitement in and out of the bedroom. Focusing on the prostate and perineum, the stimulator has 10 pleasure patterns and 2 motors for a customized experience.

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Ditto Vibrating Butt Plug by We-Vibe

We-Vibe Ditto

This flexible toy will make sure you both climax as it’s highly reviewed as the best sex toy for couples. Controlled by you or by your lover via the We-Vibe app, this silicone butt plug has a small head and neck for ease of use and comes with 10 incredibly delicious vibration modes so that you can tailor your experience.

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Most Popular


Lelo - Bruno Prostate Massager

LELO Bruno

Powerful and popular, Bruno is the ultimate body-safe silicone prostate massager for internal and external stimulation. With its two vibrating motors and curved head, you can explore new territory with targeted enjoyment and smooth removal. Fully waterproof, take this toy down under and experiment with its 6 different vibration patterns.

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Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

LELO Loki Wave

Seduce your lover with this innovative ‘come hither’ gesture toy that is sure to beckon their deepest desires. Its broad bulbed head oscillates to trigger the prostate and has up to 10 varying stimulation modes for an intensely creative experience. Its sleek ergonomic shape gives you 8 inches of exhilarating fun.

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Lelo - Bruno Prostate Massager

Icicles Prostate Plug

A crowd favorite, this hand-blown glass butt plug is designed with a tapered head for easy insertion and ample pleasure. Its narrow neck makes controlling and maneuvering the device an effortless task and is non-porous. Enjoy the Icicle heated or chilled, depending on the kind of sensation you’re in the mood for.

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Best for Beginners

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

New explorers will enjoy the innovative and slick design of the Glide prostate massager. With patented stainless steel rollerball technology and a slim silicone shaft, this toy stimulates the prostate internally while the rollerball glides against the sensitive perineum. Add this to your partner play the next time you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator


Aneros Male Prostate Stimulator – Eupho Syn

Excellent for beginners and those that want to improve their sphincter muscle strength, this prostate stimulator will bring on waves of pleasure like nothing has before. Its small slim silicone head makes it an excellent massager no matter your body type. Enjoy hands-free pleasure as you allow this toy to target your sweetest spots.

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Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Locator


Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Locator

This firm, flexible and curved probe is ideal for beginners looking to test out new erogenous areas. With its easy pull ring design and durable silicone body, this non-vibrating toy will be your guide, helping you find the prostate and explore the sensations that come from arousing it.

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California Exotic Novelties His Prostate Training Kit

His Prostate Training Kit

A little bit of learning, some exploration and whole lot of fun, this kit will open you up easily with different sized toys depending on your comfort level. This kit includes durable, body-safe silicone toys like multi-sized anal beads, pinpoint probes and remote controlled vibrating rings. With something for everyone, this kit brings you the best value for a night of intoxicating excitement.

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Most Powerful


Nexus Revo Stealth

As the name suggests, this is one of the most powerful silicone prostate toys on the market. Its powerful, rotating shaft can be controlled with a remote control that is sleek and compact, allowing you to indulge in public play with discretion. Turn up the volume by trying out the 6 vibration patterns and 2-speed modes. Hypoallergenic and non-porous, this splashproof toy makes a great companion for your next prostate adventure.

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Rocks-Off Rude Boy Intense 10

Rocks Off Rude Boy Intense

Packed with 10 pleasure patterns, 3 powerful speeds, and 7 pulsation patterns, this intense toy is bound to arouse, delight and make you scream with satisfaction. After insertion, rock back and forth, applying just the right amount of pressure and control for satisfying prostate excitement. Fully submersible and waterproof, the Rude Boy doesn’t mind getting wet and will find new ways to excite you.

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Choose one or choose them all! One of these sex toys is bound to fit your pleasure style. Prostate play is unique, fun and insanely satisfying. Whether you’re using toys, tongue, or good old fashioned fingers, you can’t go wrong tapping into this sensitive zone.

Consider yourself more informed; it isn’t every day that you learn something this good.

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