10 Queer-Friendly, Pocket-Sized Toys You Can Bring to (and Use) at Pride 0 2015


You’ve got your sassy sign. You’ve got your bottles of water. You’ve got your sunscreen, your phone, and your crew.

But … what about your sex toys, the best Pride accessory of all?

For many folks, both queer and straight, sex toys are more than just a buzzing bedroom friend. They’re tools people can use to express their sexuality and desire in an honest, safe and enjoyable way, and to affirm to themselves and their partners the ways in which pleasure makes up parts of their identity. Given the often overlooked, but essential role they play in sexual self-acceptance, shouldn’t they be a part of Pride, too?

Say it with us: “YAAASSSS.”

But, since sex toys, lube, and accessories can be large, clunky and annoying to carry –– and because it doesn’t always make sense to bring your 8-inch vibrator out on the town with you –– we thought ahead and came up with a list of 10 lightweight, discreet and transportable items you can bring to, and use, at this year’s Pride.

CRAVE - Vesper - Vibrator Necklace

1. Crave Vesper

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Strength: 7/10
  • Lube compatibility: Any

It’s a necklace that vibrates. It pretty much sells itself.

But, in case you’re thirsting for more info, the Crave Vesper is made of smooth, body-safe stainless steel that warms up beautifully to your body temperature so that when you apply its delicately tapered tip to yourself or a partner, it’s warm and soothing to the touch. Curiously strong for something its size, it’s lovely for clitoral stimulation, but is great for anything else your beautiful brain can think of (except internal anal play … you might never see it again.)

Pride factor: You can walk around all day in it, and no one knows you’re wearing a vibrator.

… No one, that is, except for other “necklace connoisseurs.” Those, dear friend, are your people.

Click here to buy.

Ditto Vibrating Butt Plug by We-Vibe

2. We-Vibe Ditto

  • Material: Silicone
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Strength: 7.5/10
  • Lube compatibility: Water or oil-based only. Spot test hybrid.

If you’re planning on plugging this Pride, you want a butt plug that’s comfortable, discreet and pleasurable enough for long-term wear. You should be able to walk, talk, sashay and boo the patriarchy in that thing for as long as you want, and it should be safe to leave inside you for however long that may be.

We-Vibe Ditto to the rescue. This silicone, beginner-sized butt plug has a perfectly rounded shaft that fits ever-so-cozily inside your bum, and a soft, flat, flexible base designed for long-term wear under panties, pants or assless chaps. Both those parts vibrate with the strength of ten suns, stimulating both the anal cavity and the perineum at the same time with deep, rumbly tremors.

Pride factor: The Ditto comes with WeConnect, a WiFi-enabled app you can use you control the toy’s vibration strength and pattern. When you use it, you look like you’re just checking your phone or updating Twitter, but what you’re actually doing is playing with yourself or a partner and no one’s the wiser. Great for public play or if you want to connect with your long-distance partner for Pride in a whole new way.

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Fleshlight - Quickshot Boost

3. Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • Material: SuperSkin
  • Lube compatibility: Water-based only.

This soft, supple male masturbator is lightweight, handheld, and could easily fit in a pocket, purse or glitter-plastic fanny pack. It has openings on either side so you can focus on the portion of the head or shaft you want to, and the inside is textured to the nines for a thrilling sensation.

Pride factor: Makes a great addition to a hand job or oral sex. Also, if you happen to meet a handsome stranger you’re not fluid-bonded with, it makes a great substitute for an orifice. Also … ever heard of Chinese finger-traps? The Quickshot won’t trap you per se, but … you catch our drift.

Click here to buy.

Tom of Finland Hex Nut Cock Ring Set

4. Tom of Finland Hex Nut Cock Ring Set

Being the patron saint of Pride he is, it’s only natural that you pack some Tom of Finland cock rings in your Pride purse.

These super-stretchy rings have a 1” diameter when unstretched, but can flex far beyond that to accommodate men of most sizes. They have a flat inner surface, which makes them less likely to rip out any pubic hair you might be growing, and they come fully locked and loaded with an extra gift from Tom himself: a print and a dog tag to show your allegiance.

While most cock rings are designed to be worn around the whole package (penis and testicles), you can wear the Hex Nut rings around the shaft, right under the head, or around the base of the testicles as ball stretchers as well. You can even wear them together, in any combination imaginable because it’s your life … we’re just in it.  

Pride factor: They’re super flexible so they’ll fit just about anyone, and you can put them on before you march, picnic or party so that you’re primed and ready should your dearly beloved –– or dearly beloved of the day –– be by your side.

Also makes an okay hair tie, so, there’s that.

Click here to buy.

Key by Jopen - Pyxis

5. Key by Jopen Pyxis Finger Massager

  • Material: Silicone
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Strength: 4/10
  • Lube compatibility: Water or oil-based only. Spot test hybrid.

For those times when you just have to back up against a wall and touch yourself because you can’t believe how many cute queer folks and allies are at this month’s Pride march, the Pyxis finger vibe has you covered. This tiny, feather-light vibrator has 5 patterns, an ergonomic shape and an ambidextrous design for use with either hand. Meant to be worn on a single finger like a particularly assertive ring, it stays put during play so you can focus on sensation without worrying about holding anything in place.

Makes a fantastic addition to any iteration of manual, oral or penetrative sex too.

Pride factor: Put one Pyxis on each hand to stimulate yourself and your partner(s) at the same time.  

Click here to buy.

Sliquid Naturals Sassy

6. Sliquid Naturals Sassy Personal Lubricant (2 oz)

  • Lube type: Water-based
  • Material compatibility: Any

Lube makes everything better all the time for every color of the rainbow, but Sliquid Sassy does it best. This water-based lube is a bit thicker and more gel-like than Sliquid’s other offerings, meaning it’ll dry out slower and provide more of a cushion so you can keep going without reapplying. With only five, pronounceable, plant-based ingredients, Sassy is vegan, gluten-free, glycerin free, pH balanced and mostly organic. It’s pretty much the safest, cleanest thing you could put on, or in, your body.

And in a tiny, 2 oz pour, it’s discreet and easily transportable. TSA-friendly as well.

Pride factor: Because Sassy is so clean and gentle, it’s great for folks with sensitivities or allergies … anyone want to share?

Click here to buy.

We-Vibe Sync - Couples Toy

7. We-Vibe Sync

  • Material: Silicone
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Strength: 7.5/10
  • Lube compatibility: Water or oil-based. Spot test hybrid.

The We-Vibe Sync is a discreet, wearable vibrator that comes with an app you can use to control it from anywhere in the world there’s WiFi. Shaped like a “U,” it’s meant to provide simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation with its strong, rumbly vibes. The Sync is adjustable so you can fit it perfectly to your body, and will stay in while you march or party without anyone but you (and possibly a partner) knowing it’s there.

Pride factor: You can’t see that it’s in you, so it’s perfect for subtle couples’ play in public or for stimulating yourself while you’re doing your thing. Also, it’s way more versatile than it looks. You can use it as a stroker for a penis, unfold it and place it on your throat for a vibrating blow job, use it to massage the perineum for a different sort of pleasure and … pretty much anything else.

Click here to buy.

Bijoux Indiscrets - MAZE Tassel Choker-2

8. MAZE Tassel Choker

Pride is all about being out and proud, so why not extend that to your kinky side as well?

The MAZE Tassel Choker combines two classic BDSM staples –– a collar and a flogger –– into one convenient accessory that can be used to experiment with dominance, submission and every shade of grey in between. Made of sustainably produced vegan leather by Bijoux, a femme-run Spanish brand, it’s just as magnificently guilt-free as you are.

Not the kinkiest person? Fine by us –– the Tassel Choker is also a fierce Pride accessory that gives a sensual vibe to any look you’re serving whether you chose to use is for kinky purposes or not.

Pride factor: Kinkiness is something to be proud of and to fight for, too!

Click here to buy.

Bijoux Indiscrets - MAZE Chest Harness-2

9. MAZE Chest Harness

  • Material: Vegan leather

Leather is a historic and traditional part of Pride celebrations worldwide, but vegan leather? Where do we sign?

The MAZE Chest Harness is made from sustainably produced vegan leather by a female-run Spanish company named Bijoux. With a simple cross-front design, it fits up to a size 12 and can be comfortably worn well above the breast-zone so folks with any sort of chest shape can rock it.

Pride factor: A guilt-free, animal-friendly harness is definitely something to be proud of. Wear alone or over a short for a deviously darling Pride outfit.

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Lifestyles SKYN Elite Ultra Thin Condoms

10. Lifestyles SKYN Elite Ultra Thin Condoms

  • Material: Polyisoprene
  • Lube compatibility: Water, silicone or hybrid. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED LUBE.

Look, latex condoms are great. They’ve saved many lives. We’re not harshing them, but, we’re just saying: there’s more out there.

Many folks have latex allergies or don’t enjoy the scent or flavor it can sometimes leave behind. For them (and possibly for you), there’s SKYN.

SKYN are non-latex condoms made from polyisoprene, a hypoallergenic, synthetic material with a similar flexibility and endurance to latex, only less irritating. They have the same protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs as latex does, and some folks even find they have a bit more glide to them as well.

SKYN Elite Ultra Thin are just that –– ultra thin. Pre-lubricated with silicone lube, SKYN makes a great, more universal condom option for one and for all.

And no, they’re not actual skin. We know, it’s confusing.

Pride factor: Sex is for everyone, and safe sex is great sex. ‘Nuff said.

Click here to buy.

Isabelle Kohn
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