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Leo. Channel your sexual energy with Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Pleasure Kits. A gift box tailored to your zodiac sign that supports physical and emotional benefits to provide inner balance. Explore your sensual side with a necklace gem, orgasmic balm, and a finger vibrator that will help you rediscover pleasure.


  • Carnelian necklace gem to channel & magnify your energy
  • Spiced Ginger orgasmic balm to increase sensations
  • Finger vibrator with up to 10 vibration settings for optimal pleasure
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Leo. You’re one of the fire signs that lives and breathes confidence. It’s time to take that confidence to the bedroom with your Horoscope Pleasure Kit. Wear your Carnelian necklace to stimulate your creativity in the bedroom. While your necklace will be channeling your creative energy, the spiced ginger orgasmic balm will re-energize and refresh your sensuality and help you experience warming sensations. Turn it up a notch with the finger vibrator. Its ten vibration settings will help you realign your sexual energy. Making you a confident, sexy lioness. Achieve your greatest orgasm with Bijoux Indiscrets’ Leo Horoscope Pleasure Kit.

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