Bathmate Trim Male Grooming Rechargeable Kit

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Bathmate's new body trimmer is designed and engineered to easily cut through thick male pubic hair leaving you nice and trim for a more desirable appearance + performance. A trimmed pubic area means you reach the full potential of your pumping sessions by increasing and maintaining the best vacuum seal against the pelvic seat.


  • Fine tuned electric shaver motor for exact cuts
  • Features Blades that stay sharp cut after cut
  • Multiple Comb & Clipper Extensions
  • Hard-Shell Protective Storage Case
  • USB rechargeable (cable included)
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The ultimate accessory to get the most from your Bathmate. Engineered with Bathmate users in mind, the Trim enables you to maximize the full potential of your Hydropump. Ensuring that your pubic area is well trimmed will help facilitate the vacuum seal against the pelvic seat, generating more suction and allowing the hydropump to reach its full potential. With a 3-12mm cutting range, and a precision blade, the Bathmate Trim’s ergonomic design is as versatile as it is simple to use. To be able to use the Bathmate range of pumps effectively, the area where the pump seals to the body can’t be too hairy. If it is hairy then the pump simply will not make an effective seal. This prevents a vacuum from forming inside the vessel. We are often asked how short the pubic hair needs to be to create a seal. The new Trim means you no longer have to guess. Included in the kit, as well as a full-size trimmer with 4 different guide combs, is a precision trimmer. The precision trimmer comes with an adjustable guide comb with 4 different lengths, and we recommend number 3 as the ideal cutting length to create a great seal. The reason for the precision trimmer is to make manscaping easier, the smaller head is more maneuverable and gets into the tighter areas. We realized that having two heads with variable length attachments means the Trim can be used all over the body wherever hair growth needs to be kept under control. The Trim is USB rechargeable, has been extensively tested and comes with a 12 month peace of mind warranty.

Inside Your Box:

  • Rechargeable Bathmate Trimmer
  • Multiple Comb & Clipper Extensions
  • Hard Shell Storage Case
  • USB Charging Cord
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