Little Genie Productions Play With Me Provocative Lingerie Set

Lingerie by Little Genie Productions

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Lingerie is made to provoke, but the Play With Me Provocative Lingerie Set takes this feature to a sexier level. With a lacy masquerade mask your lover will only recognize you by the curves of your body.

Set Includes:

  • Black Lingerie Bodystocking Dress O/S
  • Lacy Masquerade Mask
  • "Sex Scenario" Sheet
  • 10 Position Card Deck
  • 10 Foreplay Card Deck
  • One-size fits all

The Play With Me Provocative Lingerie sets the stage for a passionate night. It starts with your expression of sexiness and intimacy with a lingerie that reveals and accentuates your figure. It can end here if you wish or it can go ahead with the lacy masquerade mask to get your lover guessing. And you can take this situation down with the 10 position and foreplay card decks, creating and enjoying games that further prepare your minds for a sensational release.

The loose but firm nature of this lingerie means the size on display is assured to fit and complement your figure.

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